There’s that one event of the year that is always consistent, always relaxed and always enjoyable, and its the JDMYARD End of Year Honda Showoff. In celebration of the year that has past, JDMYARD hosts their annual sale and meet. We’ve seen this event go on for many years now, moving from location to location and the die hard’s still prove strong. Held on premises in a business park in Smithfield, it provides a nice, private and safe environment for all patrons.

With Sydney’s Honda scene being competitive as ever, this year was no different. Many builds were dusted off and brought out of the woodwork to be put on show. I’m sure many an all nighter were pulled in order to showcase the best Honda have to offer. With competition aside, all of these guys should stand side by side in honour of their respective marque. Being a former Honda boy myself I know first hand the negative stigma that the brand carries. So stand proud guys and give yourself a pat on the back!



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