Probably THE most anticipated event of the year has come and gone. In such a whirlwind of preparation, blood, sweat and tears, the culmination of a year’s work had seemed to come down to the final week. With many entrants pulling out the final stops, it sure made for some interesting nights. This years Showcased hosted by The Lowdown is only in its second year of operation, but has progressed in leaps and bounds compared to the last. So kudos to Jason, Ryan and the rest of The Lowdown team for putting on an awesome event.

The venue chosen this year was one we had never seen before, the Australian Technology Park located within the heart of Sydney. A beautiful historic site which was used as a railway yard many years ago. What’s left is a amazing industrial space, perfect for juxtaposing some of Sydney’s best modified cars on offer. My only gripe about the venue would be the multitude of humps and bumps on the way into the show, for an event that would accommodate many low cars it just didn’t seem to make sense. Enjoy the rest of the photos!



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