For any car enthusiast, cruises are undoubtedly something that can’t be overlooked. You may be the kind of people that round up some mates for a Sunday drive and kick it with a bbq at the beach, the kind of people that enjoy a solo cruise to let everything go, or you may be the kind of people that we are… the kind of people that find it hard to let go of incredible memories of a time when our passion wasn’t looked down upon as delinquent and when any form of gathering wasn’t considered ‘hooning’. Last Friday night was a complete change of pace that we could only dream of. Here’s the story of the Street Cover & Xtreme Motorsports Collaboration Cruise.

Having a mini pre-meet in the western suburbs, we rounded up and began to head towards Penrith, unaware of what would unfold. With a poor weather forecast ahead of us and the heavy hand of Penrith law enforcement drifting above, we punched on down the M4 Motorway.



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