Global Drifting Trends
It does not matter where you go in the world. If someone has the time and the money they will find ways to race the cars that they own.
There are strong and growing drifting scenes in many countries. Including some unusual places, you would not expect to find people engaging in the sport.

Drifting against ISIS
Perhaps the most unusual example is the drifting scene in Mosul, Iraq. The investigative reporter Mike Giglio stumbled across a small group of young men drifting in the city just weeks after it had been liberated from ISIS.

The group, who call themselves the Riot Gear Crew, have kitted out a BMW with performance gear and are now regularly laying down rubber in the city. Something they could only dream of doing when ISIS controlled the area. Even now meets are sometimes broken up when ISIS drones bomb the streets they are using. Despite this, they are not put off and are planning to do up more cars.

The growing African Street Car scene
Increasingly you see streetcars advertised for sale on sites like, as more and more Africans get in on the scene. People everywhere are passionate about their cars. In no time at all, cars stop being just a means of transport and quickly become a passion. At which point, people start tinkering and customising their vehicles, which is great news for everyone. The more people become involved in the scene the more ideas they come up with, and the bigger the community becomes.

The South African leg of ´Mad’ Mike Whiddet´s recent international tour is a great example of how interesting things get when you introduce streetcars to new people One of the highlights of that tour was him drifting through the iconic Franschhoek pass in South Africa in his Mazda SP3 RX8 BADBUL. Footage of that trip makes for particularly addictive viewing.

The drifting scene in India
In India, it took an entrepreneurial petrol head called Gautam Hari Singhania to bring drifting to the masses. Since 2012, he has laid on an official event every year in Mumbai, India. Generously, he allows other people to drive his cars as well as putting on a spectacular show for the crowds that attend every year.

In all likelihood, it will still be many years before the drifting scene takes off in India. Right now cars are still and expensive luxury that is out of the reach of most people. However, this is gradually changing as more manufacturers target the market.
Motorsports are also being heavily promoted there, with Force India, the F1 team, regularly hitting the headlines. Car chase scenes are now an important component of many Indian action movies and TV shows. All of which is lighting a fire in the hearts of young Indians and helping them to fall in love with fast cars.

Fresh tracks
There is a thirst for new footage, so mountain side and tunnel drifting are also growing in popularity. Masters like Chris Forsberg are pushing the boundaries all the time, which means they are travelling the globe looking for new and exciting natural environments in which to show off their skills. As a result, people in increasingly remote places are being exposed to the art of drifting, and the power car scene in general.



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