We haven’t seen one of these in a while. Last Monday brought back the JDMST End of Month (Or end of year) Meet on ironically the 1st of the month. In classic JDMST tradition, it was held on a weeknight but in a more 2014 police friendly location at Sydney Dragway, which was able to accommodate roughly 500 cars at any one time that night. Its pretty crazy how large these things have expanded compared to back in the days where it was only a few handful of forum members hanging out in a carpark.. Thats just the power of social media I guess!

It was a relaxed night with the meet starting at 6pm.. so people started to leisurely roll in after work duties and it went well on into the night til about 9pm. There were a good variety of cars that turned up, and without a doubt, at every meet a new crew sprouts its beginnings. Whether that’s a positive or negative addition to the scene these days is left for another discussion..



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