Happy belated New Years and a Merry Christmas to all! We’ve had a good break over the holiday season and we hope you have too. Now back to our regular programming, it was about time we brought you coverage of our Street Cover End of Year Meet. We really wanted to organise something quick and simple for everyone to get together one last time before the holidays and the support we saw was amazing! For one weeks notice, plenty of enthusiasts rocked up on a blistering hot summers day to come chill with us. As always we love the variety that springs up when we hold these events, this 69′ Camaro SS was such a beauty. It’s so refreshing to see a clean American classic amongst the sea of Japanese cars.

And as the was coming to an end the heavens opened up with fury.. everyone scattered well before the rain started with a few unlucky stragglers like us who had to stay back and do abit of cleaning.. as you can see some naughty fellows took advantage of the situation.. That’s about it for our EOYM, it was great to see everyone come out in such short notice and brave the uncertain weather. We have got big things and plenty in store for our next meet in 2015. WATCH THIS SPACE! Plenty more pics in the gallery below.



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