A couple of months ago, Michael and I headed down to Melbourne to cover the Australian Drift GP. With a few calls and hook ups from our mate Christopher we were able to meet up with Ben and his clean S2K. Not being familiar with the Melbourne scene, Christopher showed us some sweet locations. It was with great pleasure shooting Ben’s car. We hope you enjoy the rest of the photos.

“Do I go with looks or performance?” A very common question asked around the car scene these days. The battle between form and function. Balancing the two is not as easy as you may think. What’s so good about the S2000 is its diversity. It can look good and at the same time perform exceptionally well when put under pressure. Ben’s S2000 is just that.

Ben’s fantasy of owning an S2000 started at an early age. Realistically a dream car at first but soon after he found his true calling and fell in love with the twist and turns those mountains had to offer. Watching countless videos of the street Amuse S2000 it filled his desire even more.

After owning a few Silvia’s and 86’s Ben eventually bought a 1999 AP1 S2000 with a blown clutch. He took this opportunity to respray and replace the clutch simultaneously. Having taken it to Winton Raceway bone stock, Ben enjoyed the thrill and the adrenaline of being behind the wheel of the S2K but the urge to go faster always gets to you and eventually it got to Ben.

When it came to track cars, it wasn’t just all about power; late braking and corner speed also comes into the calculations and that methodology Ben has applied to his S2000. So the mod bug kicked in and his goal for the perfect handling began & a different modification would be made each time he would hit the track. “I would feel certain parts of the setup lacking and adjusted the alignment to my liking. Much like the street Amuse S2000 – it was more about balance rather than outright power and I took that on board”.

The more track days Ben entered the better he got and knew what needed to be tweaked to get that setup just right. Clocking 1:51 on his first track day down to 1:41.15 on street tyres. Thanks to constant research and tweaking of the S2000 handling capabilities.

With all this talk about track and handling, you cannot forget that this is also Ben’s daily. To keep this baby running smoothly Ben had to find out the weak points of the car and adjust and replace parts accordingly to prevent it from constantly being in the workshop after a bashing on the tarmac. He has achieved this and manages to keep it running on the road.

Ben’s S2000 sports a Voltex 1500mm GT Wing with 285mm wing stands gives it that extra downforce. Also added to the exterior are upgraded AP2 tail lights & front lights.

Sticking out the rear bumper is an Amuse R1 single titanium exhaust with a Berk 63mm High Flow Cat. Gotta love that titanium finish!

Powdered white CE28n’s sit nicely under the guards and the ride height just looks perfect for both daily and track.

Ben’s plans are to increase engine response and cornering speed. With a few more track days and modifications we can expect him to improve on his time in the near future.

Ben would like to thank DT Panels for all body work. His friend Vu for random help here and there. Jesse Streeter for almost everything JDM on his car. The crew at OTR for helping him source every other random part and Trung from Astoria Honda for helping out with last minute part requests. He would also like to thank the EXE-crew for hosting awesome problem free track days. And lastly Ben’s girlfriend for her support for his addiction and even picking up a wrench to help from time to time.

Engine and Power
Amuse R1 single titanium exhaust
Berk 63mm High Flow Cat
Cusco oil catch can
Honda upgraded engine oil banjo bolts (AP2)
J’s Racing oil filter bracket
K&N FIPK Intake kit
Spoon baffled oil pan

Cusco air diversion plate
Koyo aluminium radiator
Koyo high pressure radiator cap
Spoon thermo switch
Spoon thermo stat

Chassis and Drivetrain
Cusco front/rear subframe brace
Cusco floor pan brace
Exedy Heavy Duty clutch kit
Hard Dog 4 point roll bar with diagonal and harness bars
Spoon differential bushes
Spoon driveshaft spacers
Spoon lightened flywheel

Amuse S-Tyre spec coil-overs
Eibach adjustable front swaybar
Ikeya Formula rear adjustable toe arms
J’s Racing S1 front camber joints
Spoon front anti-bumpsteer kit

Brakes and Wheels
Cusco brake master cylinder stopper
Goodridge braided brake line kit
Project Mu HC+ front/rear pads
Project Mu Racing Floating wheel nut set
Volk Racing CE28N 17×10 +45 Non-staggered set w/ Dunlop Star Spec Z1 255/40/17

Amuse R1 front bar
DT Panels’ flared front guards and shaved badges
Honda AP2 headlights
Honda AP2 tail lights
Honda flat amber side indicators
Honda side strakes
J’s Racing Type-S front/rear tow hook powder coated blue (Track use only)
Soft-top with glass rear window
Voltex 1500mm GT Wing w/ 285mm wing stands (Mounted on a separate boot for track use only)

Alarm system
Alpine headunit
Bride Stradia Sport Japan limited edition driver’s seat
CAMS approved fire extinguisher and alloy mount
Defi Advance Control Unit w/Defi CR Oil temp, Water temp and Oil pressure gauges
Honda AP2 centre console w/ cover
Honda AP2 gearknob
Honda AP2 radio door
Honda late-AP1 door trims
MB Quart (old generation) splits w/ upgraded tweeters
Modifry headunit control S2000 integration
Seeker Japan gauge dash mount
Willans 4 point harness (Track use only)



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