The Honda EG has been around for almost two decades and today, is still a very popular model in the car community. Rob, the owner of this immaculate EG, went through several of them before perfecting the OG TOY. He faced a few dilemmas before making the decision to build, while staying true to the versatility of the EG. It’s great to see such a build by a Honda fan of many years. The EG services Rob as a daily and he intends to track it at the Honda Nationals.

Let’s get to the heart of the car: Rob was planning a K conversion but remained dedicated to the B series, due to the cost and resale value. The standard motor was replaced with a B18C7 which was rebuilt, running a type R gearbox.

A little bit of history: It began in 2011 when Rob found himself contemplating whether to buy the EG shell and insert the parts he had in his previous EG (an EG6 with a B16 which he crashed). He eventually made the decision to purchase the shell and source out a B18 from a Honda EG that was written off and put them together.

Rolling on custom steelies 16×8 +0 offset wrapped in yokohamas 175/50 all round and his second set work nezzarts 16×8 wrapped in dunlop formula R 225/45 and 215/50.

Since the shoot he has changed to a smaller profile tyre 165/45/16 +0 offset all round 16—8. Crazy!!

We encountered a few problems on the first day of the shoot. Facing flooded pathways on our journey to the secret location, we had no idea how deep the waters were and took the risk. Bad move. After two hours, we managed to get the EG out but it was too late and we had to reschedule.

A perfectly good example of what an EG should look like.

The whole rear of the interior was completely stripped and a custom 6 point full cage was installed and powder coated in purple.

Big thanks to
Tuan Tran and his father for doing the conversion.
Thao Tran for smashing her EgB18 and selling it.
X customs for laying on the colour.
The crew for helping me prep the bodywork giving me advice.
His girlfriend Sherilyn for helping him with the car, paying for most of it, pushing him to finish it when he was going to give up.

EG shell full respray in urban titanium
Carbon spoon wing
Carbon tailgate
Carbon bonnet
Accord side skirts
Spoon style mirrors
Stripped interior
Custom6 point full cage powder coated in purple
SR4 recaros
EG6 touches here and there

B18c7 motor rebuilt
Type r box
Injen style intake
3 core radiator( waiting to be installed )

Work Nezzarts 16×8 wrapped in dunlop formula R 225/45 and 215/50
Custom steelies 16×8 +0 offset wrapped in yokohamas 175/50 all round

Front: Type r calipers on 304mm slotted rotors
Rear: Vti-r calipers on rotors

HKS coilovers
Blox front and rear camber arms
Traction bar
Whiteline rear swaybar
Bwr subframe brace
Dc2r rear lca



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