Here at Street Cover we don’t normally celebrate anything as we get some what busy working either covering other events or working on our next feature. But due to the overwhelming comments and demand to have one we gave in and decided to pull out all the stops and host a celebration we would never forget. Before we get into the thick of things I would like to first thank the Street Cover team for all their time and effort put into this event, friends and family for coming down to help out whenever they can. After the frantic running around and the last minute changes we were exhausted! But in the end it was well worth it.

From the team at Street Cover, we would like to thank everyone that attended. We would also like to give a big shout-out to the sponsors who supported us in making this event a reality. Whether your car was in the limbo competition, or you didn’t want to finish off your school assessments and your mates dragged you out of the house. We hope that our 2nd year anniversary was as enjoyable for you as it was for us. Until next time!



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Howdy guys, your Ed here. I’m currently studying a bachelor of Industrial Design, but have a love for all things design. The automotive industry is my life blood and I’d love for you all to join along for the ride!