It is with great pleasure that we present Tony Sol Han’s slammed as fuck, Honda Civic EK. We have been admiring his car for some time now and I’m sure Civic fans out there would agree that this is one immaculate EK. Tony, the newest member of the Street Cover team, is also an active member of House Of Stance and was kind enough to let us spend a whole afternoon with his pride and joy. So let’s get this feature started.


Tony began his Honda civic journey back in high school, where back in those days you couldn’t really afford the genuine stuff and only had access to cheap replica parts. We can all relate to this. Having gotten over the automatic he previously had, he remained true to the Civic and embarked on his search for a manual.

After countless searching and researching, Tony stumbled upon this dark amethyst in mint condition. Having been resprayed in pearl, this EK GLi had many goodies which Tony eyes. This included OEM parts, such as arm rest and visors. But due to its impeccable condition, he snatched it up straight away.

Tony never imagined doing this. Having been influence by the USDM scene with the slammed look on wheels that would cost just as much as the car. Instead, the plan was clean and simple, which was the Si-R look, featuring all the OEM parts to boot. Thankfully, Tony decided not to go through with this plan. He fell in love with the body work and began to research the USDM scene. The more he learnt, the more he became hooked “and eventually, be became a devoted fan.

There’s no denying that Tony is a perfectionist, going through three sets of springs to find the perfect one for his car. Unfortunately the springs did not satisfy Tony’s hunger for more low. He eventually moved away from the conventional springs and invested in some coilovers “and he never looked back. He was able to slam his ride using Buddyclub N+.

Having owned two set of wheels – replicas I might add, Tony never settled. He felt the urge to be unique and different amongst the car scene. So he moved onto the next best thing.

With little time and money, Tony managed to save and his search for genuine wheels started. He came across Raymond Chan, known for his wheel fetish, had a set of BBS RS001’s in 15×7 +25. Before Raymond could sell them, he decided to re-barrel them for Tony as a personal project. Equipped with a two-inch custom lip and re-barralled at 15×8 +12 with refurbished centre hex nuts – since brand new hexes cost and arm and a leg – Tony was one lucky guy.

Having not satisfied with the fitment of his EK and the BBS’s itself; he set himself on a journey to re-barrell the wheels once again. Of course, money was an important factor so both time and money was required. After the long wait, Tony’s BBS’s were completed with a new two-inch lip and now re-barrelled to 15×8.5 +6 with cleaned centres, new black bolts and freshly painted centre hex caps. Finally, the wheels completed and satisfied Tony’s hunger. He wrapped those BBS’s in 195/45/15 tyres and slammed it.

Tony was very pleased with the outcome and it gained quick approval within the car scene. Of course, there will be a few negative comments here and there, but we can all agree on one thing: That this is one gorgeous looking EK, and anyone who is a true motor enthusiast would appreciate the fine work and effort Tony had achieved.

Going to meets, the wheels stood out contrasting on the purple of the car. Unfortunately, it has attracted a lot of attention from the authorities and has been defected twice. This has not stopped Tony lowering it even more to get that perfect stance.

To think the definition of slammed stanced cars on expensive wheels was a dream only to be seen in photos, has now become a reality for Tony.

For more information on the rebarreling of Tony’s BBS RSs check out Raymond’s blog.

-Nardi Steering wheel
-Spoon Boss kit
-BuddyClub short shifter



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