Now I know “A diamond in the rough” is a tad cliché, however in such a small scene far away from the main attraction of places like Sydney and Melbourne, its hard to find a car that really stands out. Nathan Ross’ Supra is one of those cars.

I myself had never been a huge fan of Toyota’s GT-R rivaling Supra, until the day I first met Nathan. The first time I laid eyes on his creation I didn’t know what to think, I was lost between the custom moulded TRD wide body and the enormous width of those rear wheels. It’s fair to say that this car has completely changed the way I look at all Supra’s ever since.

Nathan came across the car when the first Australian owner put it up for sale after buying it for his son and later realising it may not have been such a suitable first car.When Nathan first took ownership of the Supra it was red in colour and completely stock. Along came the usual mods, exhaust, turbo timer, pod filter, stereo and so on. It spent the first part of its life with Nathan as a daily rolling on some 20″ chromies “Full Tempe spec!” says Nathan.

Then came the downhill spiral, the car was heavily damaged in a freak hailstorm and sent off to be fixed up. What started out as simple hail damage repair, turned into a full TRD wide body conversion and an open door respray including engine bay. This is where things started to go wrong, the original workshop took over 12 months to complete almost nothing. Nathan finally got it moved to another workshop who proceeded to get more work done in 2 weeks than the original shop managed in 1 year. Nathan’s Supra then eventually found its way back to Canberra and with help from friends, he was able to finish things off and as a result we have the final product before our eyes.

Now the bodywork.. where do I even start. The genuine TRD wide body kit; the front and rear guards have been moulded into the side skirts giving a seamless flow to the side of the car. This matched with the already curvy lines of the Supra is absolutely flawless. The standard front bar has been widened and paired with an MVP lip, which keeps the front end clean but at the same time matches up with the wide body perfectly.

The paint is a custom Porsche gunmetal grey and is one of the most amazing colours I’ve seen to date. During the bodywork process Nathan made the decision to tone it down a bit and I have to say he made the right choice, the simplicity and clean lines are what really set this Supra apart from the rest.

Now I can’t move on from the exterior without a shout out to those shoes, with sizes of 19×10 (wrapped in 295) and 19×12 (wrapped in 345) front and rear, respectively these iForged wheels are the final touch. It really set everything off, this was a recent change as Nathan went from polished to satin black, making for that slightly more stealthy look. The stopping power is down to the 4 pot front and 2 pot rear factory Toyota big brakes with slotted rotors all round.

Getting this monster to stay stuck to the road is a big job and is handled by the HKS Hypermax III coilovers with the added support of front and rear Carbing aluminium strut braces and a Do-luck middle brace.

Moving on into the cockpit and you find yourself held firmly in position by a pair of suede Sparco Milano racing seats that would have to be some of the most comfortable yet supportive buckets I have ever sat in. They are mounted to Bride super low rails to get them sitting just right for that ideal driving position.

The rear seats have been re-trimmed to match, keeping the interior just as clean as the exterior. There is a super rare TRD cluster in place of the stock unit and a sound system set up for quality as opposed to all out volume.

The interior is just that way a street car should be, comfortable and practical with the absence of the usual roll cage and stripped out carpet of your usual big power builds.

The little details throughout the interior are the best part, from the engine start button in the centre console to the TRD logo on the floor of the boot, it all ties in perfectly.. making it a very special place to be.

Now the part you have all been waiting for, the main event. The infamous 2JZ-GTE powering Nathan’s Supra. At the heart it boasts a Precision 6466 turbo, 6 boost manifold, Greddy intercooler, HKS type R oil cooler with remote filter, Flyudine radiator, Turbosmart race port BOV, 60mm waste gate and a 4 inch intake pipe. The exhaust system is made up of a custom 3.5 inch dump and HKS TI cat back along with a further list of mods I do not have time or space to mention.

Cumulatively, these mods help the already potent 2JZ to make an astonishing 400rwkw. To help transfer that power from the engine to the rear wheels, there is a triple plate carbon clutch and billet flywheel along with a single piece chromoly tail shaft.

The sound coming from Nathan’s Supra as it takes off and spools up to full boost is absolutely amazing. The growl mixed with induction noise and the sound of turbo spool is intoxicating. It’s no wonder the face plate from Nathan’s head unit spends most of its time locked away in the centre console, who needs music when you have the soundtrack of a 2JZ. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take a ride shotgun and experience the sheer power of this Supra for myself. The car is so well planted and comfortable to be in, all at the same time as it seems to be trying to rip your face off as it continuously pulls through each shift. This ride is definitely one I will not forget.

I shot this last minute on a Tuesday afternoon, Nathan and I met up I got the shots I needed and we both headed home. There must have been very different things going through both of our head on that drive home. For me it was how I was going to go about the editing process and the write up for this feature. For Nathan a completely different train of thoughts that must have been full of mixed emotions, as this would be the last time he would drive it.

The car had been on the market for the last couple of months during which Nathan received huge amounts of interest along with the usual tyre kickers. We had organised the shoot for later on in the week and on Monday night I got a message from Nathan saying “We might have a problem.” the car had been sold and was being picked up the following afternoon.

Although I’m sad to see such a massive part of Nathan’s life (an 8 year long friend) and a beautiful car go, I cannot wait for the next project Nathan embarks on. Knowing what he knows now and with the contacts he now has I know it’s going to be a big one. A big thank you goes out once again to Nathan for letting us document his wonderful creation.




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