DSC_7726The Honda S2000 is no doubt one of the most iconic Japanese sports cars of our time. I may be a little biased in my opinion (being a Honda guy) but head S2000 designer and engineer Shigeru Uehara just got it so right. From the aesthetics to the performance it simply shines in all categories; for a sports car that is. If you’re looking for something to cart your mountain bikes around in, you’re probably better off with a Forester.

BUT. If you’re looking for killer looks, precision handling, rev happy engine and an unparalleled driving experience. Look no further.

DSC_7663Meet Alex, the owner of this stunning New Formula Red S2000.

DSC_7679And David, the owner of this Millennium Jade S2000.

DSC_7684These are two guys who took the amazing platform of the S2000 and kicked it up a notch or two ..or three. Each with their own individual flair.

DSC_7896Alex’s build goes down the more traditional track inspired route.

DSC_7693Meanwhile David’s has a slight USDM twist on the track look, with bigger wheels and more aggressive fitment.

DSC_7685We’ll start first with Alex’s S2000, he sports a range of highly desired aero parts.

DSC_7716The highlight of them all being the Voltex Street front bumper. Sparing no expense he also opted for the additional Carbon Fibre Canards aswell.

DSC_7712This bumper instantly changes the characteristic of the car. Its low, its sharp, its aggressive.

DSC_7671Add to that a Voltex Wing with extended Circuit Garage wing stands, J’s Racing side skirts, Spoon rear diffuser and Mugen Hardtop. There you have it, a list of mods any S2000-phile would drool at.

DSC_7901-EditIn the performance department Alex has kept it nice and simple, leaving the car Naturally Aspirated for that pure Honda feel. Bumping up the F20C’s breathing ability is a Password JDM Carbon Kevlar intake and TODA Headers, out to an EVS Tuning single exit exhaust; all tuned via Hondata KPRO.

DSC_7710Not to forget the braking department, Alex has bitten the bullet and gone for a Stop-Tech 328mm BBK, in pursuit of better lap times.

DSC_7904Taking a look now at David’s S2000. He chose to force feed the F20C with some boost via a Rotrex C38-91 Supercharger kit. This kit was built for stealth. David tells us it has successfully evaded the gaze of authorities in the past. With the increased power David has chosen to upgrade the stopping power with DC5R Brembo’s.

DSC_7907Other engine work includes Titanium Retainers & Dual Valve springs and Tegiwa Headers. The exhaust was taken care of by BYP who provided David with a full custom Titanium Exhaust. As well as that they provided the tuning work, extracting 330kW from the F20C via Hondata KPRO.

DSC_7753On the aero front hes sporting a Spoon S-Tai front bumper with matching Spoon front fenders and ASM rear over fenders.

DSC_7711Davids’ gone for the more subtle (ish) stock Voltex wing stands and is also rocking the Mugen Hardtop.

DSC_7702For the rear diffuser he has gone with Voltex and for the side skirts he’s gone with FEED. As you can see there are so many different modification options for the S2000.. and they all look so damn good! You really are spoiled for choice in the aero department.

DSC_7903With both cars being early model AP1’s, the boys have done an awesome job face lifting them with AP2 parts.

DSC_7718Mainly the headlights, tail lights and rear bumper. They really make all diference.. and if anyone knows anything about S2000’s, AP2 parts aren’t cheap or easy to come by!

DSC_7771Although Alex has gone the extra mile and ordered himself a set of coveted CarShopGlow LED tail lights. These are very limited with only a handful of sets scattered all over the world. We’ll give you a better look in a second.

DSC_7779Now onto the footwork! The boys have really hit the nail on the head in terms of wheel choice, tyres and fitment.

DSC_7750Alex’s setup with the RAYS RE30 is the safer of the two, measuring in at 17×9.5 +22. He’s chosen to wrap them in Federal 595 RSR’s. 255/40 at the rear and 235/40 in the front.

DSC_7844While David’s CE28N is the more aggressive setup, measuring in at 18×9.5 +15. S2000’s are notoriously known for having problems fitting agressive wheels, so even with an offset of +15, this is pushing it.

DSC_7785Suspension work on an S2000 can sometimes be overlooked given the amazing handling capabilities from factory.

DSC_7796Although there can always be improvements. David has gone for a set of Buddyclub N+ to get his car lower to earth while Alex has gone for D2 Racing for his suspension needs.

DSC_7825These boys run their cars pretty low, although that doesn’t stop them from driving their cars like they were meant to.

DSC_7837Can you imagine the sound of these high revving engines bouncing off the walls of this warehouse?

DSC_7941-EditAs promised, a closer look at those gorgeous CarShopGlow tail lights..

DSC_7952Truly a thing of beauty.


It was lots of fun running around town with these guys. What a sight to see and sound to hear. Unfortunately though, we regret to inform you that David has now sold his car. Alex on the other hand has been enjoying the S2000 as it should. Achieving some solid times out on the track. Thanks again to the boys for coming out and Justin for the amazing set.


Engine and Transmission
EVS Tuning 70SSP single exhaust
Password JDM Carbon Kevlar intake
Toda headers
Invidia 70mm test pipe
Hondata Kpro
Full Blown full size radiator
AP2 Valve cover
4.77 final drive
Comptech rear diff housing
EVS tuning rear diff mount inserts
EVS tuning drive shaft spacers

Voltex Street bar with canards
J’s Racing side skirts
AP2 JDM rear bar
Spoon rear diffuser
Shaved all badges and boot key hole
Custom flared front and rear fenders
AP2 head lights
CarShopGlow tail lights
AP2 glass soft top
Mugen hardtop
Voltex 1700mm Type 2 GT wing with Gurney
Circuit Garage TS350 tall stands with custom cable tensioner
Honda door number decal

Recaro Pole Position Driver & Passenger
ASM limited edition seat protector
AP2 door trims
AP2 radio door
AP2 centre console
Karcepts gear knob
Muz mats
Modify glove box organiser
Fire extinguisher
Alpine 9886 head unit
CDT audio HD-6MO Pro splits and tweeters
Alpine SPX headrest speakers
Modify control interface
Seeker triple gauge pod
Defi gauge BF series Oil pressure/temp and Water temp
350mm Nardi leather with red stitching

Wheels & Tyres
Volk Racing RE30 17×9.5 +22 square
235/40/ federal 595 RSR
255/40/ federal 595 RSR
Project kics r40 lug nuts

Suspension & Brakes
D2 racing coil overs
Stop-tech 328mm front big brake kit
Hardrace offset camber joint

David 00-TRNH

2001 AP1 S2000
All body work done by Hung, Bang & Mohammed at Slick FX/Excel smash repair

Engine & Transmission
Titanium Retainers + Dual valve spring kit
J’s Racing torque dampers
Hondata KPRO
Standard F20C
Aero Flow fuel pressure regulator and fuel rail
BYP full titanium cat back exhaust
3″ test pipe
Tegiwa headers
DW 1300cc injectors
Aero Flow blow off valve
Rotrex C38-91 Race Kit Supercharger. Custom piping fabrication by Garage 88 and BYP
Tuned by BYP Racing and Development at 330kW
FX250 hybrid clutch
Blox half shaft spacers
Hasport diff mount

AP2 head lights
AP2 tail lights
AP2 rear bar
Spoon S-Tai Front Bumper
Spoon guards
ASM rear over flare
Mugen hardtop
Voltex wing type 1/2
Custom front splitter
FEED RX7 side skirts
OEM bonnet with cut vents
Badge delete & antenna delete
Resprayed Millennium Jade with an Aluminium silver base

Bride Cugas
AP2 center console
Nardi steering wheel
Standard door cards with Bride fabric
Karcepts shifter
Defi din gauges

CE28N 18×9.5 +15

Suspension & Brakes
Buddy Club N+ coil overs
Buddy Club extended ball joints
Hard Race steering rack spacer
DC5R Brembo
Extended studs

Special thanks to Johns Garage, Shift performance, BYP team, Garage 88 & Hung for putting the car together!



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