In my opinion, the X Chassis is one of the coolest cars to come out of the land of the rising sun. What’s more bad ass than a big luxo sedan that you can cruise around town in with your Yakuza buddies, but also with a few swift kicks of your left foot can leave you hanging on for dear life. The 1JZ power plant is more than capable of lighting up the rear tyres with a few upgrades in the forced induction department. While the interior is big and luxurious, packed with nifty features and added creature comforts. So let’s put all of these elements together.. it sounds like a pretty good car to me. Meet Radek from sunny Queensland and his Toyota JZX100. Now this thing is nice. Radek has built a very well rounded car that is pushing a whopping 476kw, yet you’d happily take it down the shops and slap a few cases in the back (if you like your beer fizzy that is..)

Sure he’s sacrificed a few comforts, like these Bride bucket seats. But I think its a good trade off when Joe is slanging his X sideways through Queensland Raceway & Willowbank.. they’re there to keep him flying out of the window.

And who doesn’t love the tight embrace of Takata Harnesses and hip hugging Bride’s anyways..

The stereo has also been replaced with some Defi gauges which look extremely smart in their custom carbon fibre fascia. Looks almost OEM if you ask me!

Now let’s get onto what’s under the bonnet. The massive turbo you see there is a Garrett GTX3582 which is mated to a 6 Boost manifold. Good for a solid 28psi of boost, tuned on E85 power juice.

Work done to the head includes HKS Cams and pulleys. While the bottom end is completely stock.. still retaining the factory head gasket and head bolts. Engine management is easily taken care of via an Apex’i Power FC.

Radek has done a great job of keeping the engine bay neat, with a few drool worthy items such as the Weld Engine cover, Metallic Blue Cam gear cover, Superspark Coil packs & leads, and a host of Speedflow Braided lines. Very nice indeed!

The car looks as smart on the outside as it does inside. It wears a URAS body kit, which is aggressive yet still refined and classy.

In the wheel department, Radeks choice is also perfect. Brand new Gram Light 57Xtreme, modernise the boxy lines of the JZX.

Look at the beautiful concavity of the wheel, awesome aggressively fitted wheels without being garish or over the top. I love what this car is all about, powerful and potent but still somewhat reserved.

Oh what big eyes you have grandma.. (and a massive front mount). This is the big bad wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing for sure!

With all that power, of course you need some stopping power. R33 GT-R Brembo brakes take care of this department.

Again, this lovely DMAX vented bonnet is aggressive yet subtle.

Back into the cockpit, we find a large trolley pole for shaking down bath houses for protection money..

Just kidding, this extended hydraulic handbrake lever decreases the distance between the steering wheel and handbrake. More time spent with your hands on the wheel equals more control which equals better skids!

A classic perforated leather Nardi Deep Corn steering wheel takes car of the steering controls. Seriously one of the best modifications to make on any car.. It makes the car feel so much more responsive and gives the feedback needed for precise steering.

Onto the suspension and driveline side of things, Radek has given the car a mighty good overhaul. The gearbox is a custom built R154 box, and the clutch is a modified OS Giken single plate by Drew at Direct Clutch Services. It also features an Ats carbon 2 way Differential. Now get ready for the long list of suspension upgrades..

Keeping the JZX driving straight (figuratively) and true are TRD diff bushes, Weld diff inserts, Kazama solid subframe collars , Ikeya Formula rear upper camber arms, Ikeya Formula rear traction arms, Ikeya Formula rear lower control arms, Modified KTS rear subframe bracing, Ikeya Formula front camber arms, DMAX front castor arms, Custom 25mm extended front lower control arms and TRD sway bars.. All in the name of slide!

So there it is, Radek’s super clean, super classy, yet super badass JZX100. We really wish more cars were built to this standard. It looks like a complete ball to drive.. but we can only dream! Thankyou again to Radek for letting us feature his car, and to Michael Carroll.. our very talented and dedicated photographer up North. QLD keeps bringing the heat, we look forward to more builds from our neighbours up north. Peace!


Garrett GTX3582 turbo
6 Boost manifold
Tial 44mvr wastegate
Amuse R1 titan exhaust
HPI intercooler
Power Enterprise radiator
HPI oil cooler kit
HPI water pump pulley
GP Sports radiator fan
Billion radiator hoses
HKS cams
HKS cam pulley
HKS Twin Power
Apex’i Power FC
Sard fuel rail
ID1000 injectors
Superspark coil packs and leads
Weld engine cover
speedflow braided lines.
Tomei fuel pressure regulator
Twin Bosch 044 pumps/Surgetank
Custom built R154 gearbox
Modified OS Giken single plate by Drew at Direct Clutch Services
Running on E85, Tuned at 28psi makes 639hp @ the wheels
Engine internally completely stock never been apart
Stock head gasket/head bolts all original Toyota

ATS carbon 2 way diff
TRD diff bushes
Weld diff inserts
Kazama solid subframe collars
Ikeya Formula rear upper camber arm
Ikeya Formula rear traction arms
Ikeya Formula rear lower control arms
Modified KTS rear subframe bracing
Ikeya Formula front camber arms
Dmax front castor arms
Custom 25mm extended front lower control arms
TRD sway bars
R33 GTR Brembo front calipers on custom brackets and custom slotted rotors & Endless pads
R33 GTS-T rear calipers on Dixcel slotted rotors
Seperate hydraulic handbrake setup

Saito 9 point roll cage
Bride seats
Defi boost, fuel pressure, water temp, exhaust temp, oil temp, oil pressure gauges
Blitz dual sbc
Nardi Deep Corn steering wheel

Uras front, rear and sideskirts
Dmax bonnet
Custom chromoly front nudge bar
Dmax LED tailights
Clear World front indicators
Origin boot lip
Origin roof wing
Rays 57 extreme 18×10.5 +18



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