The Toyota 86 quickly rose to international levels of popularity among car enthusiasts, especially the younger generation who were just beginning to get their taste of the culture. The 86 boasted enormous aftermarket support (In terms of cosmetic enhancements; I’ve never seen a chassis with so many different aftermarket options), Economical yet punchy 2.0L Boxer engine, and unparalleled handling capabilities in its class. Being a brand new car also meant that it came with a manufacturers warranty, modern day safety ratings and relatively low insurance premiums.. all the boring stuff parents would be concerned about.

This is where Chris Sheridan’s Toyota 86 is unlike the rest. On Chris’ car you will not find gigantic wings. You will not find blacked out headlights. You will not find rubber garden edging and you most certainly won’t find anything related to “tofu” or “Fujiwara Takumi” This thing was built to ride low, slow and look clean as hell.


In a crowd where 86 owners battle to stand out by having as many cosmetic enhancements as possible, Chris sat back and let the wonderful designers at Toyota do the work. All the stock bumpers are still there, albeit aided with a subtle lip kit from HT Auto along the front, side and rear of the car.


The tail lights have been changed to the popular Valenti design, while the duck bill spoiler comes courtesy of Leg Motorsports.. Aaand there you have it, all the cosmetic parts necessary to have a clean looking 86. Simple!


But the real magic is of course.. in the fitment.


Chris again showed restraint in choosing a tried and tested wheel, the classic 3 piece Work Meister S1 in a smart grey finish.


They measure in at 18 x 9.5″ all around.


These incredibly dishy wheels sit bang on under the curvy hips of the 86. This is achieved through the Airrex Digital Air Suspension setup which allows Chris’ wheels to get well acquainted with the inner arches of his guards.


Our amazingly talented photographer Archie Brown, accompanied Chris out to the more serene parts of Sydney to capture these amazing shots.


In my opinion, there is nothing like a beautiful Autumns’ day filled with golden foliage for a photo shoot. You can never go wrong.


In a world where its all about noise, it’s good to step back and take in a different perspective.


Learn to appreciate the finer details..


And bask within the now..


Before we all lose sight of what’s really important..


A bit of mechanical symphony can’t be forgotten. Taken care of via a Tomei 60R exhaust, finished nicely in Titanium.


Last but not least, the super tidy Airrex Digital Air Suspension setup. All neatly packed up into one easily concealed unit (if need be..)


We’ll leave you with a couple of Archie’s best images for last. A huge Thank you again to our man Archie for snaps and Chris for letting us shoot his car. It really doesn’t get any better than this.


Tomei 60r catback

Ht auto front lip, side skirts and rear pods
Valenti smoked tailights
Leg motorsports spoiler
6000k hid kit
Beatsonic shark fin antenna
Trs tow strap

Work Meister M1 3p 18×9.5
Hankook 225/40/18
Airrex digital air suspension



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