On our recent trip down south for 100mm’s Certfied 3 Event, we saw lots of local talent. Many a bagged AND static rides with fitment to rival even the stanciest of Yanks, European and Japanese folk. Although there was one hidden gem that we uncovered. Meet Jon Speet and his lustrous Emerald Green MKV Golf. Now Melbourne is known for its brooding weather and generally, the cars we see reflect that – subtle tones, gray scale and mono tone. So when Jon had the chance to give his car a bit of an update, he relished the opportunity to turn Vaderr into something that would really start to turn heads.


So the first thing we noticed on Jon’s car was it’s amazing green hue that just plays with light so well. More specifically, it is an Arlon Green Aluminium wrap. Personally I’m not a huge fan of wrap. It’s a hit and miss at times and can turn out very tacky. Jon on the other hand has executed it so well, with the right colour choice, material finish and overall theme.


Previously the car was black, hence the Vaderr tag. But if anyone knows the joys of owning a black car, it’s definitely short lived when your “clean” car is not so clean after only 2 days.. So Jon teamed up with the guys from Pro Image Graphics to begin the transformation.


The next thing you’ll notice is those clean as hell, white Fifteen52 Turbomac wheels. They are the perfect contrast to the Aluminium wrap and with their retro-modern inspired design, they suit the MKV Golf shape amazingly well.


These pearly whites measure in at 18″ x 9″ +30 square all around. Although to perfect that lip to guard fitment, Jon has gone with an 11mm spacer at the front and a 3mm spacer at the rear.


To achieve this fitment is not as easy as it seems. There are a a lot of calculations and considerations to take into place. So after being static for a long time Jon consulted his friend James Florey who he had dubbed the “OG Bagged Golf” of Victoria. After a good chat, Jon was hooked up with Dave from Wallstreet Kustoms who helped him piece together his Airrex Airbag system.




Air Management was also taken care of via Airrex, as well as Airrex camber tops to fine tune the front fitment.


In order to achieve this lip on guard look, a very stretched 205/35 tyre is imperative.


Onto the rest of the exterior. Jon has kept it nice and simple which always works, with the addition of a few subtle pieces of aero that compliment rather than detract from the overall look. On the front we see a Votex front lip which Jon much prefers over the stock GTI lip.


For the sides and the rear Jon picked up genuine R32 items to replace the stock textured GTI items. Jon hated the textured plastic look so he went to eliminate anything and everything he could!


This included the rear valence which he promptly replaced with a JC Sportline Carbon Fibre rear valence. A very nice piece indeed.


Now you may notice the subtle splitters that run along the whole car. Being so low Jon didn’t want to damage his carefully pieced aero. Queue Chris from Flow Designs who hooked him up with a complete Flow Designs kit, including front lip, Side Skirts and Rear Spats.


Definitely a nice bit of kit which finishes off the exterior of the car very nicely. Jon says they’ve copped a beating and are still going strong!


The devil is in the details as they always say. I’m loving these white accents in the grille and badges, which tie in to the theme perfectly.


And if you haven’t already noticed, Jon is running our STREETCOVER banner which also fits in perfectly ? These will be available in our online store soon, we know you’ve been asking for them!


Now it may suprise you that Jon’s car wasn’t always a “stance” car..


In the beginning it wasn’t built for all show and no go, as he enjoys a good drive like any of us. He started his performance journey first by getting a GIAC Stage 2+ tune coupled with a Stage 2 DSG tune from Tim of DubAddiction along with a 3” SPM Downpipe. Jon highly recommends this for all DSG owners. He explains “The factory shift times are slow and laggy for an enthusiast who is always playing with the paddles or driving a bit more spiritedly than the usual owner. This sped up the shifting, raised the launch control and redline limiters. It also stops the car hypermiling by sitting in gear a little long while in the normal “Drive” mode.” So with the well bug bitten, Jon also added a CTS Turbo Intake for added induction noise and a bit of engine bay bling.


Now with the temperatures rising Jon was looking at an Intercooler. After some deliberation with Tim he had settled on a FMIC from Eurojet. This is another mod that Jon definitely recommends in the hotter months for any spirited owner. He says “It may sap one or two PSI, but it’s definitely worth it to keep those Intake temps down and keep the car running cool.” To finish off the go fast bits, Jon installed an Autotech High Pressure Fuel Pump insert to give the 2.0L TFSI engine a little more juice. On the servicing side, Jon has also replaced the stock coilpacks with some Audi R8 coilpacks. Jon tells us that “They’re no much different than OEM items apart from the colour – but red things go faster, so it must be better!”


And with a few more flicks be able to snap necks while not even moving.


We commend Jon on his perseverance with the build. Having owned the car for more than 3 years now as a daily driver, it sure has come a long way. Through the up’s and the down’s (15k bill for DSG issues!) he admits “I love the car to death and it will be hard to let go of it in the future.”


We’ll leave you with one last amazing ass picture from Vinh. Big up’s to our boy down south for bringing us the goods. Jon would like to thank a few people that helped him along his journey to get him where he is today.

Volkwerke – Thanks to all the guys and girls at Volkwerke, they’re the best VAG servicing people Victoria has to offer, bar none.
DubAddiction – Great Tuning shop and Tim has probably the best customer service of any Tuner/Parts guys around. He goes to the enth degree when trying to sort someone out.
Wallstreet Kustoms – Thanks to Dave for installing my airbags, rolling my guards and getting my dents sorted.
Hennessy Auto Styling – Thanks to Luke for supplying me with exterior stuff and being all round great bloke.
Pro Image Detailing & Graphics – For keeping my paint looking immaculate (thanks Iggi) and Cammaz for sorting out the wrap for the car.
James Florey – Getting me onto the Airbags and pushing me into the Wrap some time ago but only getting around to it in the last few months.
Thomas Gilvear – Top notch VW Tech who’s always been around to help me diagnose and fix problems with my car whenever they arose and he was free.
To the family and friends who put up my constant crap talking about mods and car stuff that I’m sure they’re very sick of.
To all the Photographers who took photos of my car at meets or Private Shoots, you the real MVP’s. Special thanks to Vinh M for the Street-Cover shoot.

Finally to my Father Jeremy, who instilled the Enthusiast passion in me through many hours of watching Motorsports, having lots of talks with me about his Motoring days of Rallying and such that set me on the path to want to modify anything and everything to do with my cars.

Find Jon on Instagram @refrigervaderr

2008 Volkswagen Golf GTI

GIAC Stage 2+ Tune
3″ Steve Petty Motorsports Downpipe
CTS Turbo Intake
Autotech High Pressure Fuel Pump Kit
42 Draft Designs Ultimate Catch-Can
BFI Engine Mount Insert
Eurojet Front Mount Intercooler
Audi R8 Coilpacks
CTS Turbo Blow-Off Valve
42 Draft Designs Boost Tap
OEM Diverter Valve Relocation
42 Draft Designs Ultimate Catch-Can
2.5″ Custom R32 Style Cat-Back with 4″ Tips

GIAC Stage 2 DSG Tune

Arlon Green Aluminium Full Car Wrap
HELLA OEM Bi-Xenon Headlights
Genuine Pirelli/R32 Tail Lights with Dual Reverse
OEM Flip-Open Reversing Camera
Genuine Open Fog Light Grilles
Carbon Fibre Stubby Antenna
Genuine R32 Painted Side-Skirts
Genuine R32 Rear Bar & Valance
ECS Hatch Pop Kit
Votex Front Lip
JC Sportline Carbon Fiber R32 Valance
Horsch Design Rear Spoiler
Flow Designs Front Lip
Flow Designs Side Skirt Extensions
Flow Design Rear Spats

Maniac Carbon Fibre Paddle Extensions
Carbon Fibre Seat Lever Inserts
RCD510 Headunit
GTI Embossed Footrests
Door Warning Lamps
Edition 35 DSG Shifter
P3 Digital Vent Gauge
NewSouthPerformance Boost Gauge & Steering Mount

Wheels & Tyres
Fifteen52 Turbomacs 18 x 9 +30
Nankang NS2 205/35/18

Airrex Air Suspension with Digital Management
Airrex Camber Tops
Whiteline Anti-Lift Kit
Whiteline 24mm Rear Sway Bar
Whiteline 24mm Front Sway Bar

OEM Golf R32 Front Brakes



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