One of the biggest Automotive events of the calendar year has come and gone. Motorex has quickly risen as the premier custom Automotive car show in Australia, carrying on our rich Hot Rod and Show car scene. Although in recent years there has been an increasing shift in the types of cars included at these shows. Starting in 2012 we saw the introduction of Japanese or “JDM” styled cars at the show, dubbed the “Street Elite”. 3 years on and undoubtedly the main attraction for many attending was the large display of Japanese designed Liberty Walk vehicles, and a guest appearance from Liberty Walk creator Kato San himself.


Although there definitely wasn’t a shortage of traditional Aussie show car builds..


They might not be to our readers usual tastes, but there is no denying the level of craftsmanship when it came to these cars.


It was refreshing to see some level of professionalism being put into these vehicles. But of course, most these cars were purposely built to be showcased, and that’s okay too!


Some truly unique vehicles were out on display. The presentation of each vehicle was equally as detailed and meticulous.


Finally a familiar sight! RAS13B, we first layed eyes on this gorgeous piece of JDM machinery back in the early T:LD meet days..


Arguably one of the most popular cars to come out of the weekend was this Liberty Walk kitted BMW M3 from owner Ty Isaak. Originally from Queensland, the car made its way down the border for its debut at Motorex. It features 2 different coloured pairs of Forge Wheels on either side. In bright anodised green and red respectively. It really gives the car an amazing pop against the dark grey body.


The second BMW M3 LBW kitted to make an appearance at the show was from SUNUS Motorsports, up from Melbourne. Just as stunning in BMW white. Of course all these cars are fitted on Air Suspension, allowing the droppage needed to pull off these beautiful wide body kits.


The boys from Queen Street unveiled the revamped look of their LBW GTR. Going from green to white. Much better in our opinion.


And the last of the new LBW unveiling’s. This beautiful baby blue GTR from South Australia. Truly a national gathering of LBW vehicles!


This wood gives me wood..


Heavily modified R32 GT-R among the other show cars!


Beau Yates’ Rocket Bunny Toyota 86.


Widebody is all the rage right now, as you can see. This custom widebody R8 from J Racing in the nations capital also made its debut.


One of my personal favourites from the show was this heavily built Honda Del Sol drag car from LS Autoworks. Running an intense B series turbo setup..


Candy painted turbo on this little Datto that probably looks more at home on a small aircraft of some sort..


Our good old buddy Brent De Vega out in the Street Elite section. Debuting his newly widened BBS RS and Air Bag setup. On. Point.


Another clean ride in the Street Elite section. This light grey S15 was looking very clean on Work D9R and Nissan Aero bar.


That about wraps it up for Motorex 2015. Hope you’ve enjoyed the eclectic mix of cars, and something a little bit different to what we usually post. Thanks again to one of our young guns Mathew Hughes for the awesome moody snaps!



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