I’d like to start this off with a massive thanks to Zak and the rest of the guys from StreetKarnage for all the effort they put into organising and running such an awesome event, we all had a blast! The one thing the StreetKarnage boys had no control over was the weather. Tropical Cyclone Marcia was causing all sort of havoc up north of the border and unfortunately that meant constant rain for us down in Valla Beach. However spirits were not dampened and lots of beers were drunk and good times had.

We started off with the drive up on Thursday, a group of guy and girls from all manner of states all cruising up the Pacific Hwy together. The Burrito Boys.

We took our time, in no real rush just cruising along with the usual shenanigans and banter ensuing. I took the opportunity to take some rolling shots of the lads in between the patched of rain.

Rest stops were made where we all got a chance to stretch our legs and have a bit of a chat about how the cars were going and a little bit of a whinge about how uncomfortable some of were. (Linc I’m talking about you.)

404Of course there were also stop made to fix certain cars… while the rest of us stood around and had a chin wag.

Back on the road for the final stretch and time for some more rollers.

We finally hit Nambucca Heads and stopped off to grab some supplies (mainly beer) and then made the short drive to the Valla Beach tourist park to set up camp.

It didn’t take us long to get set up and settled in and after a few hellos to some of our comrades for the next few days it was into the beers. A night full of banter, laughs and hangs was had by all.

Friday was the day of the Show n Shine and a lot more hanging at the Valla Beach park. The crew got our final preps done before the show applying all our window banners.

Time for the show and boy were we not disappointed with the goods on show. Gravy Garage had their three rigs set up down by the pool in matching livery.

Upside and Felony both had great cars on show.

This pair of E36’s took out best stance and best wheels respectively.

StreetKarnage repping with this cool little ED Civic.

Of course I can’t leave out my mates the Burrito Boys…

There was plenty more on offer at the Show n Shine, here are just a couple.

After we had spent a bit of time checking out all the cars and having a good chat with one another, we headed back round to the limbo comp. A good little bit of fun and of course bragging rights for the winner.

It didn’t take long to see a serious trend with the majority of the last cars left being S13’s. Finally we had a winner.

With the days events all wrapped up we headed back into the woolshed for the announcement of the winners from the Show n Shine and a few frosty brews. The rest of the day was left for Hangs, making new friends and lot and lots of drinks.

Saturday was spent out at the lovely Raleigh International Raceway for a day of sideways action. The weather was lets say, not ideal. With the track covered in liquid horsepower and no sign of drying up the boys just have it a crack and had a heap of fun.

A couple of my personal favorites out on track would have to have been this Soarer and S13 vert.

Zak unfortunately only managed a couple of runs before he gave one of the tyre walls a solid hit. I have to give it to him, it look great sideways.

It was a very wet but enjoyable trip out to the track and made even better with Hogs Breath in Coff’s on the way back to camp.

The rest of the day was spent in much the same way as the last, with us all just kicking back with a few cold ones.

We all woke up on Sunday morning feeling a little sad that it was home time, but all very happy with such and awesome weekend. It was time to make out way back down south and to start preparing ourselves for next year. Bring it on.

I’d like to end by saying thanks to all the boys and girls that made it such an enjoyable trip for me along with all the new friends I made. Cannot wait for next year!



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