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Ah yes, it’s that time of the year again folks. The JDMYARD End of Year Meet and Honda Showoff signifies the closing of the year and the start of the holiday season. We’ve always been big supporters of Yonas and the boys so this year was no different. This year Yonas extended us the opportunity to setup our stand and sell some merch, so a big thanks to everyone who came past and gave us some love.

This year what we saw was a smaller crowd, but the quality of cars has definitely increased. It seems that over the past few years we’ve seen the rise and the fall of the “P-Plater” generation of Honda owners. Now that a few turbo cars are available to them we see the real die hards are still left standing.


One die hard in particular is my man Ram. Known to most old heads as Grofty, he made the highly anticipated debut of his Supercharged Honda Concerto after 2.5 years of being off the road. Rams car is littered with rare OEM goodies that most dealerships would have never even known existed. For this attention to detail and dedication he was awarded with the Best Old School Pre 92 award. Congrats!


On the other end of the spectrum we saw the modern day Honda Hero’s. This S2000 from Arise Autobody was rocking the Spoon S-Tai front bumper in a more USDM styled build.


Brendan’s EK4 was another stunner. Rocking his newly acquired First Molding Carbon Fibre lip. His Mugen MF8 are also another prized posession.


The AP2 S2000 is honestly one of the best looking cars available right out of the factory. This one has been lucky enough to recieve some fat CE28N’s with meaty rubber. Finito!


Ken’s bagged ED Shuttle was out with his full custom tank setup and hardwood floor.


Bossin’ it, loved the blacked out headlight covers.


And of course our boy Brent was there in his ED sedan on BBS RS.


Awesome little Honda Beat chiming in on the retro party.


Shak’s new bae. AP1 S2000 on Regamaster Evo’s and OEM Hardtop. Keen to see where this one goes.


Wasn’t long before the carpark was at near capacity. A lot of surrounding businesses were also trading this Saturday so that limited parking quite a bit. Everyone here gathered to hear Luki of LS Racing rev his 8 second CRX Del Sol, which rightly took out the Best of Show award as well.


WTAC competitor, the Insight Motorsports S2000 also made an appearance.


And the champ, The JDMYARD EG which took out top spot in WTAC Open class with Adam Casmiri behind the wheel.


The other champ also flying the Honda flag high was Daniel Meredith and his EK4, taking out top spot in the Clubsprint Class. It was a very proud day for all Honda fans.


Paolo and his infamous EK was sure to make an appearance. Looking pretty good there slammed on Work Meisters.


Jono’s EK has definitely come a long way in the past year. Going all out track style with a Rando Sports front bumper, APR Splitter and PCI sideskirts. Also loving the meaty wheel and tyre fitment with concave RPF1’s.. He also took out the Best Paint award for his Battleship Grey paint job from Arise Autobody.


John’s clean EK4 on Advan RG. Love those wheels.


Clean facelift EK on some wide BBS RS.


Tony of House of Stance fame in his new white DC5R on BBS LM’s. Yin Yang twins with this black DC5S, both rock the Mugen kit.


Our recently featured friend Alex was sure to come out to support, scoring a nice cozy spot next to our stand. Surprisingly he took out the Best Stance award for the day for his track fitment.


Seth’s immaculate Indy Edition EK. Looking awesome on those concave RPF1’s with meaty tyre.


Our man Alex and his silver surfer EM1..


A closer look at that Mugen kitted DC5S on TE37SL..


Todd’s track warrior S2000 has seen more track time this year than car washes. Looking aggressive with that unpainted Voltex bumper.


Rom’s amazingly clean DC2R on Mugen MF10’s..


And his partner in crime, Phil and his immaculate DC2R on CE28N. Phil took home the Best Interior award that day as well.


The infamous Yellow 350Z. Chook being an old school Honda head from way back in the days made sure to come out and show some love despite changing makes.




Clean AP2 S2000 with GT wing and CE28’s on some very chunky tyres..


That just about wraps up of coverage of the day. A big thanks to Yonas and the JDMYARD boys again for their hospitality and putting on a good show. We have big love for one of the pioneers of the scene and look forward to returning next year. Thanks to Justin for the coverage, checkout his page here.



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