Well I’m back on the road and I finally dusted off my camera for what was going to be one hell of a shoot with an R34 GT-R that really bites.

Now when I met up with my man Micah he was super keen on taking me on board to do a photo shoot; I simply agreed to organise something and that was that. And what a shoot is was! Freaking out cows and sending horses running with some light painting were only the beginnings of the mischief we got up to in this beast. Micah has some nice and simple plans for his “Godzilla” so keep your eyes peeled for more updates in the future. For now here’s a little something to whet your appetite.



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Howdy guys, your Ed here. I’m currently studying a bachelor of Industrial Design, but have a love for all things design. The automotive industry is my life blood and I’d love for you all to join along for the ride!