So where do I begin, it’s been ages since I actually wrote something. Normally the editorial team would get on this asap but when I saw Sunny’s S15 getting loaded up onto the site, I knew I just had to take over. I’ve seen his S15 go through many stages over the years and it just keeps getting better and better and owning an S15 myself I know I can relate to Sunny and his perspective on how an S15 should look like. Choosing a combination of modifications to make a car stand out is tough, but Sunny has executed this so well and I can’t wait to go through this with you guys. So without further adieu I present you Sunny’s ‘Simple & Elegant’ S15.


I just want to get straight to the point here and say, God damn! His stance is on point, when I see this thing rolling on the street I cant help be mesmerised. Such a good example of how a S15 should be and considering these Work Meisters are not common in these sizes 18×9 +5 and 18×10 +5. But you can see that a bit of flaring was needed to fit them and when he did, I can only imagine Sunny just grinning from ear to ear.


To compliment those Work Meisters, R33 GT-R Brembo brakes were installed. Such a perfect combination if I don’t say so myself and with HSD coilovers he is able to achieve the perfect height for his ride.


These Brembos weren’t installed just for looks, with great braking power comes great horse power. 240kws that is.


Now continuing on with the aesthetics of the car, Sunny is sporting the very popular Nissan Aero kit, with the front pillar shaved. To add a bit of personality to his ride, he added side skirt and rear pod extensions which were created and installed by Sunny himself.


An S15 is not complete with some sort of wing, Sunny has opted for a D-Max wing. A very popular choice that works so well, together with the Yashio factory tail lights gives it a more complete look.


We know Sunny is a big supporter of Street Cover and he has showed his support by picking up our “Love Silvia” stickers. If you love your Silvia, show it some love by getting one of these.


For me small things like this carbon fibre exhaust shroud with blue flakes really sets the car off. Less is definitely more and with those blast pipes Sunny makes sure everyone knows he’s coming.


Now moving on to the interior. Sunny spares no expense, getting him self some Bride Stradia II on Bride rails. A must have for all S15’s I believe.


Sunny also likes to drive in style, so a Nardi 350mm deep corn and a Nismo Gear knob was fitted. Look how amazing it looks, it’s like it was meant to be.


I would like to finish off my write up with Sunny rolling in his S15. Photos really do not do this car any justice. But for people living around the world, this is probably the closest you’ll ever get to seeing Sunny’s S15. I just hope he keeps his car for years to come and continue to change the setup of the S15 and create something new for everyone else to see, and setting trends and giving inspiration for anyone that wants to get into the game. Scroll down to see more shots of this clean as f*ck S15.

Garrett gt2871r
Front mount intercooler
Custom bell mouth dump by Hakan (Performance Exhaust Centre), 3” hi flow cat and 3” catback with hot dog ending with A-spec blast pipes
Nismo 740cc injectors
Z32 Afm
Apexi power fc with hand controller
Apexi AVC-R boost controller
Apexi pod filter
Gktech airbox
Sard thermostat
Aluminium radiator
Blitz turbo timer
Torque dampener
Metal intake pipe

Brakes and suspension
R33 GTR brembos all round painted blue
HSD coilovers with camber tops
Rear camber and toe arms
Front strut bar

Nardi 350mm deep corn
Bride Stradia II on bride rails
Nismo Gearknob
Turbosmart 52mm boost gauage
Apexi power fc hand controller
Apexi AVC-R boost controller interface
Double din head unit with 12” sub tucked away in the corner

Full aero kit front bar (middle pillar shaved), side skirts and rear pods
Side skirt and rear pod extensions painted black with blue flake
Rhino-lip for the front bar
Yashio Factory tail lights tinted red
Work Meisters 18×9 +5 and 18×10 +5
Work emotion wheel nuts
Nismo clear side indicators
D-max duck tail
Carbon fibre exhaust shroud with blue flake
Rear wiper delete
Flared guards



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