Well what an amazing weekend I had last week! It was one of the largest meets I’ve ever encountered in my photographic career; and you say ‘What is HVC?” Well this is a very special cruise that’s held once every year for a car club named SubyClub. Yep you guessed it, It’s all about Subaru’s! Subaru owners travel long distances – even from interstate – through to the great Hunter Valley. This was the club’s 5th running of the annual cruise through the picturesque roads of the Hunter Valley.

This was my 2nd year being involved with HVC and it was a total rush with the attendance of a whopping 330 Subaru’s cruising together, compared to last years total of 195 cars.

This ‘Club’ is not just for the love of all things Subaru, but also a community which encourages people to come from other parts of Australia to partake in this legendary drive filled with comradery, and most of all fun.

My day started in my hometown of Gosford which is on the Central Coast for those not familiar with the area. There is a bunch of Central Coast members that meet at our stomping ground in Kariong hill before we head off to our first stop of the cruise at the Berowra truck stop. Us Central Coast boys and girls turn off at the Mooney Mooney Bridge and make a charge for the awesome hills that is the Old Pacific Highway (referred to by the coasties as the ‘Old Pac’). Words cannot describe the awesome howl from a supercharged H6 & the traditional turbo’d boxer beats as we scream up the mountain (can’t forget the non-turbo fella’s also). Once we were all up the mountain, we made our way through to our first stop at the old Toll gates at Berowra where there was a massive group that arrived before us coasties!

Once the organisers made an announcement, everyone got ready to head off to our second pit stop at Peats Ridge. Peats Ridge was a sight to behold. I’ve never ever seen so many cars on the side of the road in my life! Cars were parked on the side of the road, one in front of the other. It took roughly 20 mins to walk from one end to the other. After my long walk back and forward, we headed through the state forest through the Great North Road (such an awesome drive through this road). It’s narrow and tight which speaks out “Subaru!”. What a coincidence that I had about 5 MY13 RS40’s in WR Blue behind me on the prowl to be photographed.

The third stop was at Village of Wollombi, a nice little country town that is usually very serene and peaceful – until 330 Subaru’s take over the town! Our stop at Wollombi is usually a quick rest stop to refuel the body, toilet break and also provides us with an opportunity to take some snaps.
Unfortunately being near the tail end of the pack to arrive at Wollombi, it didn’t provide me and my partner in crime much opportunity to take in all the awesome rides. The entourage quickly made its way to the centre of the Hunter Valley at our final destination – Harrigan’s Irish Pub. Once a year, our flotilla of Subaru’s take over the massive car park at Harrigan’s and the surrounding greenery as we all attempt to fit our cars in to grab some lunch.

Finally, the cruise was over and the frantic atmosphere of long cues for food had begun. A proper opportunity to take in the cars had finally presented itself and we got to shoot whilst the rest had a much needed feed.

As it has become part of the tradition, many stay overnight at the Hunter Valley getting up to shenanigans and spending the Sunday with loved ones wining and dining in this beautiful part of Australia. The event has become a much anticipated outing for the members of SubyClub and for all Subaru enthusiasts and members of Subaru clubs around Australia. Can’t wait till next year!

A few words from a veteran member of what inspires them of this great cruise.

SubyClub is different than most other clubs in that we’re more about the social side with these events. A lot of us have known each other for more than 10 years now, getting this event organised is about welcoming more owners into the family, catching up with mates and sharing a chat over a common interest.

Seeing how big this event has become, how well organised it is and how smoothly it went this year makes me proud to be a part of the club.. We don’t really have any sponsors, everyone that helps out does so as a volunteer.. and to think, next year we are highly likely to crack the 400 mark.. and hopefully take the world record for number of Subaru’s in one place away from Subaru of America is pretty exciting for us.

I would like to give a big thanks to Zakaria Ahmad for driving and assisting me through all of the traffic and making all the shots possible during the day. Also a BIG! thanks to Shaz Banger from Differential Studios & Joshua Stunell from AboveNewcastle for also making this possible.


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