So you might be wondering why things are looking a little bit different around here. That’s because we are expanding our content here at Street Cover. We have many passions, so why not share them all with you! Being our very first adventure post, it’s quite strange writing this up but also very exciting at the same time. So we hope you enjoy reading about our adventures and hopefully it inspires you to go on some of your own!


Let’s start off with a bit of trivia for you guys. Originally called the Helensburgh Station back in the 1800s; this old station is one of a few major historical significance’s in regards to early rail development in NSW. The station originally opened on the 3rd October 1888 and closed permanently on the 30th May 1915. A number of contributing factors such as the steep gradient and significant heat factors as well as being only a single rail line, worked towards its early closure in favour of a newer rail line that is currently still in service today. Pretty cool right!?

The drive to the tunnels didn’t take long from where we lived (Liverpool area) and its just off the Princess Hwy going south (Check map below for location). When we got there the parking lot was very close to the tunnel, I was quite surprised at how close it was. Just a 1 minute walk from the car park, so it was heaps easy to spot.

As we approached the mouth of the tunnel, the place had an eerie feel to it. You seriously get immersed in this surreal place that once was a train station. With the overgrown weeds and the lush greens of the forest that had claimed back its land. In return mother nature left the rail lines all rusty and muddy; and the walls all old and warn decayed. It’s actually pretty beautiful.

Me being a tourist and getting a shot in before we walked into the tunnels.

The rail line is constantly submerged in water, very damp and muddy due to the small waterfall just above the tunnel.

I was loving this place, my first time exploring tunnels. We tried to walk all as far into the tunnels as possible but it just kept getting muddier, so I would recommend wearing some hiking boots if you want to keep going further in.

After being in there for awhile, something about this place made me feel at peace. I would definitely recommend this place if you haven’t been and want to explore something new.

I hope you liked our first adventure article, I will be posting more of my adventures in the near future and also many more articles from other adventurers as well. So keep checking our website or subscribe to be up to date with the latest. Take care!



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