There are boundaries in every aspect of life; naturally, we are always about pushing these boundaries further and seeing what the possibilities are. We live in a car scene where the goal is to outdo the next person; we want to be lower, louder, wider, faster, bigger etc… Now, Holden’s are not your typical Street Cover feature however, we are a fan of all cars (no matter what make) and one thing that we can say about Matt’s Holden Maloo ute is that he has definitely redefined the boundaries of what a street, daily driven Holden Maloo can be.

Matt’s car is subtle in many ways whilst being extreme in many. The mix that he has created through his choice of modifications has allowed the car be an extreme ‘eye catcher’ whilst remaining a daily street driven car. I first bumped into pictures of this build through my trusty ‘Instagram’ account and it caught my eye from the first moment.

I have to admit, I was fairly excited to see the end result as I am a fan of well built and clean cars. After following pictures of this build for some time I started to get a feel for what the overall purpose of the car was however, my head told me that it would just be another trailer queen and I thought to myself, ‘fair enough, at least it will look awesome’. However, after having a quick chat with Matt during February’s #THEORANGEEFFECT EOMM meet, Matt assured me that the goal of his build was to drive it on a daily basis, everywhere he goes and, that is exactly what he does.

Matt’s Maloo is equipped with AIRREX suspension all around which, allows the car to be ‘sacked’ at the press of a button. We are seeing air suspension increase in popularity due to the functionality it can give those who are wanting to pursue the ultimate stance; allowing the car to be set at a sensible height for everyday driving and for the ultimate low when parked up.

The Holden received the V2 of the ‘Bodyform’ wide body kit. The guards were originally off the ‘ZEN’ Maloo with some custom made attachments for the front bumper which flow on from the metal guards to finish the front off nicely.

The rear wide body extensions were also upgraded from the V1 kit with wider and taller items, as well as being extended onto the rear bar to have a finished result overall.

The combination of the widebody kit and the suspension allows the 20inch SSR SP1’s to be tucked nicely within the guards of the Maloo.

Under the bonnet, Matt has not left the performance side of things untouched. Matt’s Maloo has received an upgraded cam, CAI, full Xforce 3″ exhaust sytem and a tune with a dyno result of 320kwatw.

Seeing this in your view mirror would be an awesome sight; the front on angle shows how wide the Maloo really is. It would definitely be an interesting sight to see Matt navigate the car along some of the narrower streets in Sydney.

Holden’s and ‘rake’ tend to go hand in hand, with the majority in the scene having extreme negative rake. We are glad that Matt’s Maloo has strayed from the Holden norm and we hope many follow suit.

This is the end of the road for Matt and his Maloo as it has recently been listed for sale; we hope it goes to a good owner who will look after it and potentially push the boundaries further. Like what you saw? Or was it too much evil for you? Don’t worry. We’ve got something for the good guys too. Click here to see Robby’s Angelic Bimmer.


Matthew’s Maloo

Custom Stage 5 cam
Custom OTR CAI
Under driven pulleys
Dyno’d @ 320rwkw

3″ Xforce headers
3″ Xforce 100 cell high flow cats
3″ Xforce catback

Front and rear AIRREX air management system

SSR Professor SP1
Satin black centre
Gloss black lips
Chrome rivets
20×9.5F -20 & 20×10.5R -20 *including spacers

Body work
V2 widebody kit
Guards originally from Claudio’s (Zen) MALOO
New custom front bar attachments were made to flow with the front bar nicer.
Rear guards were increased both width and height
(I.e extended down to rear bar and down to the bottom of the side skirt , also made taller to reach the body line.)
Front quarter panels were marginally cut back to allow form the car to tuck the front wheels nicely
Body work was completed by Peter @ Bodyform motorsports



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