We may be taking it too far with the biblical themes lately, after we featured Matt’s “Hellboy” Maloo, but how else can you describe this ethereal beauty. Let’s take the story back to its origins (we’re going X-Men Wolverine with this ish). Robby had always longed to own a pristine white BMW, something about this blank virgin canvas screamed to be defiled by his creative mind.

Therefore the cleanest most untouched example had to be found. Robby would not settle for less until he found the perfect unmolested candidate; Which is unbelievably hard given the current market for BMW owners in Sydney.. And to his surprise, he had found just what he was looking for. Something we all wish to find one day, a car that had been bought brand new from none other than a septuagenarian (one who is between the age of 70-79) grandmother. I swear if there were a classified car sales website consisting of nothing but pensioners, that would be the only place I’d be purchasing from.

Robby’s vision was plain and simple. 1. Airbags 2. Cruise 3. Break Necks All Day. Not more than a month into his ownership, his pristine 330 coupe was fitted with Airlift’s air suspension system; consisting of dual compressors fitted on a 5 gallon air tank, all digitally managed by Accuair’s E-level system.

The next obvious step was to address the footwear this angel so clearly needed. What wheels would suit this classic European chassis? Its definitely a tough choice seeing as about every wheel combo has been tried and tested on the E46 shape. So simplicity is the key here; keeping it classic never goes out of style.


Robby’s opted for OZ Racing Breytons. The Breytons have been fully refurbished with a fresh lick of paint, colour coded with the body. The lips have been separated and brought back to a mirror finish, while neochrome hardware seal the rolling stock back up together. Effortless style is what you see here.

The stock 330ci front bar has thankfully been replaced with its much more handsome M3 variant. To top off the new facelift, Robby added a Strassentech Carbon Fibre front lip. I love the half colour coded lip whilst leaving a subtle carbon fibre section exposed. F*ckn Classy!

The taillights have also been given a face lift to LED M3 items.

So what’s next on Robby’s plan of attack? The car’s not finished yet he says, he wants more camber and even more low. Allowing him to properly lay frame when fully aired out. One can never stop a man in his search for more low, that’s for sure. We look forward to seeing Robby’s progress in the near future. Thank you again for blessing us with your heavenly presence. Can I get an Amen!




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