3.. 2.. 1.. GO! Just by looking at these photos I can imagine the immense roar of the RB and the aggressive spooling of turbos, followed by the excruciating scream of gate. If you’ve ever witnessed such a phenomenon you are one lucky person. The aural and visceral sensation leaves you in a wake of adrenalin and addiction. These are the monsters we call GT-R’s.

Meet Brodie Kelly and Jayson D’Allessandro, owners of these two beautiful GT-R’s. Winson was able to tee up a shoot with Brodie (owner of the white R34) which was amazing in its own right already, but when presented with the opportunity to shoot Jayson’s R33 ontop of that was the icing on the cake.

Lets take a look at Brodie’s R34 GT-R first.

Brodie likes to keep it well and truly functional; who wouldn’t with that immense powerplant under the bonnet. So you won’t see any ground breaking fitment here, just a solid functional setup that fills up the arches nicely and allows him to run some wider rubber on a 10.5″ rim.

20″ forged wheels with gloss black lips and satin black centre gives the car an aggressive yet understated look.

Inside its all kept nice, simple and oem apart from a double din headunit. He tells us a Racepak dash now graces his interior.

Under the bonnet we see that some serious work has been done with a full 2.7L Nitto stroked race head with all Nitto metal gaskets. The engine management is taken care of via a Haltech ECU, Boost Controller, Wideband and E-Flex sensor. A full Kakimoto exhaust system lets the RB breathe easily.

Lets not forget the forced induction side now! The factory twin turbos have been replaced with one whopping Precision 6766 turbo for easy power gains. Brodie tells us he’s achieved a 10.7 down the quarter at 137mph, even with the intercooler pipes coming off as he entered 4th gear.

This custom breather and catch can setup looks schmick as.

Brodie tells us he’s had the car for 2.5 years; from when it was stock as a rock until how you see it now. All the engine and fabrication work was done by Anthony at Dahtone Racing in Smithfield.

Now lets take a look at the other bash brother. Jayson’s GUN R33.

The R33 shape has always been the ugly duckling of the Skyline family. Often neglected and rarely praised. Why though!? Jayson has created one of the best looking Skyline’s we’ve laid our eyes on in recent times, and he does it so effortlessly.

He mainly manages this by his wheel/tyre combo, which is just spot on.

These elegant silver VOLK CE28N measure in at 19×10.5JJ and fit perfectly with the aid of some bolt on spacers.

You would think that a silver on silver would be a boring combo at first in your head. But it just works; so damn well.

A healthy drop in ride height lets Jayson tuck a little bit of tyre but still retain enough clearance to comfortably let this Godzilla stretch it legs.

It’s not all built for show though, underneath the bonnet Anthony from Dahtone has once again worked his magic. The engine is an RB26/30 with Nitto pistons & rods coupled with some lumpy 270 cams and a mildly ported head. Jayson runs a similar big single turbo setup such as Brodie courtesy of a HKS T51R. This ensemble is good for an easy 393kW at 14psi.

Tops off! The boys thought it would be a good opportunity to grab some sick rolling shots while the bonnets were off.

Are you ready for this?

This should be a familiar sight seen by anyone who goes up against these two.

Just breath taking. If this image doesn’t gee you up, you are not an enthusiast!

All those “rolling shots” makes for a thirsty afternoon. We’d like to thank Brodie and Jayson once again for the opportunity to feature their incredible Skylines. Definitely one of our best features yet. For many of us its only a dream that one day we can own a GT-R, we hope this brings you one step closer in your search for Godzilla!


Brodie’s R34 GT-R

554KW on 33PSI
Nitto 2.7 Stroker Kit
Full Race Head
Kelford Cams 270deg 10.5 Lift
Stainless Oversize Valves
Precision 6766 Turbo
Powertune Steampipe Manifold
Haltech ECU, Boost Controller, Wideband, E-Flex Sensor
Racepak Dash
20″ Forge Wheels

Jay’s R33 GT-R

393KW on 14PSI
RB30/26 with nitto pistons and rods
270 Cams with Mild Ported Head
HKS T51R Kai
HKS Manifold
HKS 60mm wastegate
Haltech Platinum Pro ECU with E-flex sensor for E85
NPC Twin Plate Billet clutch with a PAR 1st – 3rd gear set
Cusco Coil Overs
Bride Low Maxx Gias

Motor built by Anthony Dahtone and all installs and fab work by Dahtone Racing & Tune by Micks Motorsport.



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