With the release of Toyota’s 86, it marked a new era for car enthusiasts. Toyota attempted to bring back the old school AE86, MR2 and Celica variants in a more modernised form in the hope of capturing the youth and those still captivated by sports cars. With the collaboration of Subaru, the heart of the car is powered by a horizontally opposed boxer engine. Since it’s launch in 2012, it’s popularity is undeniable and fast forwarding to 2015, it is safe to say that they are now an increasingly common sight on Australia’s roads.

However, with the 86’s steady rise to popularity, it only meant that which I believe is the perfect embodiment of tasteful Japanese parts is this hard parking vehicle which belongs Corey Nolan. The slogan ‘less is more’ is definitely an approach which he has adopted and combined with his keen eye for attention to detail, we have a car which I believe will raise the eyebrows of readers all around the world.

Lets start up first with the rolling stock. Corey has opted for a stunning set of CCW LM5T in mirror finish. These three piece wheels were ordered from CCW direct in the States and measure in at 18 x 9.5 up front and 18 x 10 in the rear. The choice of hardware coupled with matching lug nuts really sets the wheels off, especially against the black hue of the car.

Just look at the amount of camber needed to run these wheels! All of this made possible by a pair of Truhart Rear Lower Control Arms. 215/40 tyres on a 10′ wide CCW simply looks amazing, exposing the lip for all to see.

This hard parking 86 is also equipped with a set of Airrex Digital Air Suspension which is controlled by an Airrex Management system to achieve its unbelievably low height. When speaking with Corey, he revealed that the car was defected 3 times in a month whilst it was static and as a result, it fuelled his desires for airbag suspension.

To complete the car’s exterior look, Corey has added the full Rexspeed catalogue which features carbon fibre front lip, side skirts and rear spats. These subtle mods make all the difference! A Leg Motorsport ducktail wing and Crystal Eye tail lights also further grace the rear end of the 86.

However, Corey now has bigger and better things on his plate and as a result, the hard parking 86 is long gone. He reveals that he had it in it’s final form for about 2 months before realizing he was bored with it. I am sure that whichever car Corey decides to build next, it will surely not disappoint. Corey would also like to express his gratitude to Ty at Airrex for sourcing the airbags.


Airrex Digital Air Suspension with Airrex Management
CCW LM5T – 18×9.5, 18×10
Truhart Rear Lower Control Arms
ATR Sport 215/40, 225/40
Perrin Intake
Invidia Q300 exhaust
Leg Motorsport Ducktail Wing
Crystal Eye Tail Lights
Beatsonic sharkfin antenna v1
Rexspeed Carbon Fibre front lip, skirts and rear spats
Retrimmed interior by JPM Coachworks in black and red alcantara for dash pieces
Pioneer AVH-5500 headunit



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