The automotive scene is heavily bombarded by a variety of different makes and models, however one particular series which has rapidly increased in popularity over the last decade is arguably Mitsubishi’s Lancer Evolution. With a turbo charged, 2.0L, four cylinder Mivec engine capable of producing over 150KW at the wheels from factory, what was not to love about this car?

Thus with an abundance of Mitsubishi Evo’s in Australia, it is quite a feat to stand out amongst the crowd. This beautiful Mitsubishi is the perfect embodiment of tastefully chosen modifications within a sea of endless choices which have ultimately come together as Angelo’s 2003 Evo 8.

Angelo’s unique tastes in cars and modifications can be witnessed immediately, opting for a Do-luck style rear boot lip as opposed to the Evo’s iconic wing. We were also equally intrigued with the history of the car and as to what drove the purchase decision. Angelo reveals that the car has been in his possession for a period of two and a half years and furthermore, his previous car was actually a XR6 Falcon. With the majority of his close mates being into the Japanese car scene, and Stephen already owning an Evo 8, the decision was pretty much predetermined.

To the untrained eye, the rear end of the car simply looks like any other Mitsubishi Evo however Angelo has freshened up the rear with an Evo IX rear bumper and also Evo 8MR tail lights. Furthermore, a Voltex style carbon rear diffuser graces the vehicle completing the back end. Angelo’s attention to detail can also be seen through matching silver and black number plates.

The face of the Evo has received a similar treatment sporting a matching carbon fibre Do-luck front lip and also with blacked out headlights to reciprocate the tails. Angelo is also part of the Sydney car group Acquired Taste and they certainly always present quality cars at shows and exhibitions.

Wheels are just as important as shoes to humans and as such, Angelo has opted for a set of Work Emotion XD9s measuring 18 x 10J all round with an offset of +10 fronts and +18 rears. Hardrace rear camber arms were also added into the catalogue to accommodate the aggressive fitting wheels. The car’s ridiculously low height is attributed to a set of BC Racing gold series coilovers.

A set of DBA 4000 slotted rotors just peeking out between the Work’s spokes! With increased power, there is a definite need for greater braking capacity.

Gracing the interior of this Evo is also a JJR White 6 point bolt in roll cage which has been powder coated white to match the wheels, adding to both it’s aesthetic and safety appeal!

We also inquired about Angelo’s future plans for his Evo, which he explained that he was at a crossroad. There were two paths which presented themselves to him, one was to go all out with the Evo; which entails a set of airbag suspension and more engine modifications. Or the second option which meant selling it up and acquiring a newer and much more luxurious car. Whichever path Angelo selects, we are sure his next build will greatly surpass his current and we support him 100%!

We’ll leave you with the rest of Winson’s amazing sunset captures.



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