There’s no doubt that the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution series is among the most popular tuner cars in existence. The aftermarket support and enthusiast following is almost cult like, and with good reason. Many claim that it is just a glorified Lancer (and it may appear to be to the untrained eye), but to an enthusiast, it is a completely different car to the boring Mitsubishi mid range sedan. When the Evolution 5 was released, we saw the introduction of a beefed up body in the form of wider front and rear guards; this is a feature that has carried over through the later models and sets it apart from your run of the mill Lancer.

The beefed up body coupled with the 4wd drive train, ‘on rail’ like handling and the powerful force-fed engine make for a combination that is hard to resist. From the factory these vehicles are an awesome package however, once in the hands of an enthusiast, they can be made to be that much better. This CT9A Evo belongs to Shu Hasegawa and comes to us from the land of the rising sun.

These days the term ‘JDM’ gets tossed around like a ball in a football match but few (arguably), are worthy of this title; in saying that however, Shu’s car is ‘JDM’ in every way. Mitsubishi has done a great job in creating an aggressive appearance for the Evolution series but there is always room for improvement.

When improving the aesthetics of his Evo, Shu did not just open the product catalogue from one manufacturer and go all out. His body additions have been selected from a few of the top Japanese tuning houses such as M Sports, INGS, Varis, Chargespeed, Voltex and Mitsubishi’s own Ralliart and, all work cohesively to improve on Mitsubishi’s design.

Shu has kept the capable stock Evolution Brembo calipers in place and complemented them with Project brake pads and Endless RF650 brake fluid.

We can also see the M Sports Street Version front bumper spoiler and the accompanying M Sport carbon canards as well as the quick release bumper straps, which are becoming a common addition amongst the enthusiast community.

The rear plays host to that Type 5 Voltex GT wing and Varis Carbon Rear diffuser.

The Voltex GT wing is perched up with dedicated Evo 8/9 Voltex mounts and Voltex 40mm extension stays.

They say that wheels break or make a car; we can see by the Fatlace and Illest stickers that Shu is a follower of the stance movement however, his choice of the race styled Rays Volk Racing TE37RT make a great visual impact in the bright red hue. They measure 18×10.5 all round with +15 offset and are complemented with KYO-EI Racing Composite wheel nuts and wrapped in Dunlop Direzza Rubber.

The stance on Shu’s Evo is hovering on the function/form line however, combined with the well-chosen body parts, it makes for some great ‘eye candy’.

A common choice among the Evo enthusiasts is the Cusco front power brace. Shu has had his one painted from the factory Cusco blue color, to a more fitting bright red hue, which matches the color palette chosen for the car.

Shu has not left the interior untouched. The Vertex-Forever deep corn steering wheel is a nice and unique choice for the interior; complemented with a Recaro RS-G ASM limited and a Takata harness, this is a nice cockpit to spend your driving time in.

All in all, Shu has created a great ‘all round’ package that has received attention in all the right places without going crazy in one specific area. I don’t know about you, but I just want to jump into it and drive it.

M SPORTS Street Version Front Bumper Spoiler
M SPORTS Carbon Canard
JURAN Multi Deflector
INGS N-Spec Side Step
VARIS Carbon Rear Diffuser
VARIS Carbon Side Splitter Fin
CHARGE SPEED Carbon bonnet
VOLTEX GT-Wing Type5 Wet Carbon 1500mm End Plate B 245mm Stay
VOLTEX 40mm Extension Stay
VOLTEX EVO8.9 Dedicated Mount
RALLIART Vortex Generator
CUSCO Front Power Brace
One-off tow hook

BILSTEIN BPS Suspension Kit
SWIFT Spring F.20k R.18k
AMTECS SPC Performance EZCAM XR 14mm

Brembo Brake Disc Rotor
Project μ Brake Pad
ENDLESS Brake Fluid RF650

VERTEX VERTEX-FOREVER Deep Cone Steering 33φ
RECARO Low Position Seat Rail
RECARO Side Adapter
RECARO Side Protector
Defi-Link Meter ADVANCE BF Turbo. Water temperature. Oil temperature. Oil pressure
Defi-Link ADVANCE Control Unit

18 x 10j +15 (F. 5mm Spencer)
KYO-EI Racing Composite R40 Neokuro



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