It’s about time we got around to featuring Van’s newly completed 180SX, you may have remembered his little highlight we did earlier in the year. But Van’s been very busy since then, tinkering away as usual to bring us his awesome Street Weapon.

The Type X has had an amazing resurgence of popularity this year, being one of the cars that has been on everybody’s lips and computer screens. With a few amazingly clean examples from Japan, USA and even Australia.. such as Nigel Petrie and his red 180SX. I think it’s safe to say that today, we add another upon that list of notable builds.

But let’s start this story all the way back at the beginning. You may be suprised to find out that this car began its journey with Van as a bare shell.. and it wasn’t even white, it was blue!

Van then bought a second 180 which he mainly used to drift, until he decided to switch focus from the S15 (which is now sold) to the project 180. He used the second 180 as a donor car and swapped whatever he could over.

First up, it was time to find a heart for the new UDOORI. Van certainly wasted no time in getting this bad boy running with an SR20DET which definitely pulled a premium a week before racewars.. (Haha sorry it had to be done)

Since then, the work hasn’t stopped one bit. Van came proper with power upgrades, featuring a Garrett 2871R turbo, 256 HKS Cams and Greddy Cam gears. 1200cc injectors provide enough juice for the boost, along side a Tomei Fuel Pressure Regulator which is all pumped through via a Walbro 440 fuel pump. To make the most out of all the upgrades, the engine management is taken care of via a A’PEXi Power FC, all tuned on eye watering E85!

All of those goodies amount to a very healthy 280 kW at the wheels, which makes for very capable street weapon.

Alright so now with the performance taken care of, we move to the style side of things.. Van Dam Spec. What is Van Dam Spec you may ask? I’m not quite entirely sure yet, but one thing is for certain. Every car that Van has built has a distinct flair that is uniquely his.. What could it be.

Ahh.. those infamous bronze CE28N’s have graced almost every one of Van’s cars, and the 180 was no different. It was perfect timing actually, as our good friends at Wheel Shield had just sent us their new Wheel Restoration and Protection kit to try. So we decided to give the old girls a good manicure and pedicure, for those long years of dedicated service. As you can see Van certainly doesn’t treat his cars like show ponies..

The kit comes with 1 Professional Quality Clay Bar, 1 Application Sponge, 1 Buffing Cloth and a 15ml bottle of Wheel Shield Formula. Enough to coat all 4 wheels inside and out.

The first step was to give the wheels a thorough wash with your preferred car wash or degreaser. We just used good old car wash soap with a microfibre cloth.. nothing fancy. The next thing to do was to bust out the Claybar provided and give the wheels a good claying. This process is perfect for those with stubborn brake dust stains, just like those little black dots that form over time in those hard to reach nooks and crannies.

For the best result, all the contaminants should have been removed by this stage but seeing as we we’re rapidly running out of sunlight (f*ck you winter) we just did a quick clay and applied the Wheel Shield Formula. Wrap the Microfibre cloth around the Applicator that’s provided and apply the formula to all surfaces.

The applicator allows you to lay on an even coat on all surfaces; curved and flat. Wait 2 to 3 minutes after you’ve applied the solution, flip the cloth over to the unused side (or grab another cloth) and buff the formula out.

After the buffing process it should now bring out a deep shine. The Formula will now begin to harden and remember to keep the wheels dry in the initial setting period. It’s recommended to leave it overnight.

And that’s it, Van’s babies are brought well and truly back to life! He was very impressed with the glossy finish it brought out on the lips. But where Wheel Shield really shines (no pun intended) is the future protection it gives. The hardened glass coating allows protection from brake dust, dirt and even some light scratching. Its hydrophobic nature means water just beads off the surface. That means quick and easy wheel cleaning for those last minute KK’s meets!

So with the wheels and fitment just how he liked it, Van knew exactly what he wanted to achieve with the exterior. It looks very simple and straight forward, but its definitely not easy to accomplish. His car features a full oem Type X aero kit, ask any Nissan guy and they’ll tell you how far and few between these parts are to find..

From the rear pods and centre piece, Type X wing and Type X tail lights (only the carbon garnish is missing by choice)..

To the 2 piece sideskirts, Front pods and Type X front bar with foglights. Drum roll please.. with the pièce de résistance, that Type X front lip. Hens teeth I tell ya.

Of course Van always expresses his unique flair with custom front winglets, Ez lip sideskirt extensions for abit of protection, and a carbon fibre rear diffuser to finish it off.

And with a complete respray in stunning white, the 15 year old+ car looks as good as ever.

Setting up a functional yet aggressive looking stance, is a skill within itself. At this height Van still manages to happily partake in a few nefarious activities once in awhile.

The tyre writing and blue calipers is also something that has transcended most of his cars.

These LED tail lights are also a custom item, created by Van him very self!

I just love personal touches like that which give the overall build that much more character and depth.

Brothers in arms! The Yin to Van’s Yang, Van’s brother Donny’s black 180! How sick do these two look together.

Van makes sure not to leave the interior overlooked. Again his Recaro SR4’s were inherited from the S15 as well as the Nardi Deep corn. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! In there you’ll also find a Greddy Profec B Boost controller and a Defi Boost Gauge to monitor the snails vital signs.

We also ran into another fellow white S Chassis!

There we have it, nothing much else needs to be said about Vans 180 that already hasn’t. It looks good inside and out and has the performance to boot. What more can you ask of a street car that serves also as a competent weekend warrior, on and off the track. We know he’s got a lot of fans out there so I hope you guys enjoy this as much as we do! And a big thank you again to Wheel Shield for letting us try their products, we definitely recommend it. Heaps of more epic pics by Winson in the gallery below, so check it out.

Nissan 180SX

Tuned on E85
Apex’i pod filter
Blitz front mount intercooler
Garrett 2871R
256 HKS cams
Greddy cam gears
Jecs 1200cc injectors
Tomei Fuel Reg
Apex’i Power FC
Walbro 440
Tomei dump pipe
HKS front pipe
100 cell cat
Blitz cat back
Splitfire coil packs
Oil catch can
HKS radiator cap
Carbon fibre air diversion plate

Full oem Type X kit
S2000 Antenna
Custom LED tail lights
Evo 8 Carbon Fibre rear pod extensions
Carbon Fibre rear diffuser
Custom front canards

Recaro SR4
DC5R floor mats
Nardi 350mm deep corn with HKB boss kit
Defi boost gauge
Nismo short shifter
Nismo gear knob
Greddy Pro fec B boost controller

Suspension & Wheels
Cusco front strut brace with brake stopper
Bronze CE28N’s 17×9.5F +15 17x10R +15.
HKS coilovers
Hard race camber arms



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