Love it or hate it, stance is a big buzzword in our scene and it looks like it’s going to hang around for some time. Many profess to be ‘stanced’ but ultimately, there is a large grey area that ‘stance’ embodies and just as large, are people’s opinions on what is worthy to be called ‘stance’.

Stance set up’s can range from mild to wild. In Australia we have seen some ‘wild’ set ups but, many of these do not see street duties and are set up like so for shows/meets, and then relegated to a more ‘mild’ set up for the day to day grind. Cue Yoshito’s S14. We were introduced to Yoshito’s Zenki S14 through Shu, who owns the recently featured Black Evo. You may have seen Yoshito’s car briefly a few months ago when DOHC Research snapped a rare glimpse it. From then on we knew we had to track it down.

Upon first glance, the thing that strikes you about Yoshito’s S14 is the amount of negative camber it’s running, followed by how wide those wheels are.

Then you look at the colour and the overall presence of this “Wild” S14. Something all stance guys can truly admire.

This car would attract a defect from the boys in blue in an instant here in Australia, however in Japan they are lucky to have some leniency (albeit, we are sure it raises an eyebrow or two).

Yoshito has decided on going against the common route of a wide body kit in order to fit his monster wheels.

He has had some custom work done on the OEM Guards to get the rolling stock to function with his ride.

These are some dishes I wouldn’t mind cleaning!

That is some ridiculous camber Yoshito is running, considering it is his daily..

The custom work you see here just to fit the wheels in is just amazing. Loving this meaty fitment.

A wild S14 is not completely without some straight pipes.

Nothing like driving to your local petrol station to stretch your legs but in this instance.. spreading them!

Yoshito has kept the remaining body mods subtle with oem front and rear bars, and has added a small boot lip spoiler and rear window visor to compliment the look.

The Zenki S14 commonly has the limelight stolen from it by its younger Kouki brother, but we are glad that Yoshito has kept the series 1 appearance for his build. The car appears subtle in every other way and it’s obvious that Yoshito wants the wheels and the stance do the talking. If you haven’t already seen this thing floating around the interwebs, you most certainly will now. A big thanks to our new man on the ground in Japan.. Shu Hasegawa! This is his first featured photo set and he’s done a damn fine job. We’re looking forward to seeing a lot more stuff coming from him soon so keep an eye and ear out!




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