The phrase “out of the box” gets thrown around so often that you start thinking to yourself.. is there even anything left in the box? There is.. in this proverbial box we find a chocolate. An ooey gooey brown Evo that you’ve never tasted before. So lets join Koki Shinkawa, the master chocolatier who’s behind this creation for a tour. Willy Wonka style.

It’s a rising counter-culture that I welcome with open arms, a revolt you may even say. Performance orientated cars who’s histories are synonymous with things like power, grip and balance. These very values that established Mistubishi’s sporting pedigree are now taking a backseat to a new ethos of tuning. Suprisingly, it’s not every Evo owners dream to build a 500kw beast. Some are very happy to create something wild, stylised and ridiculous. A middle finger to the establishment.

So the first thing that you’re probably dying to find out is that paint code. Is it brown, is it burgundy, is it root beer? I can only divulge that it is a “Metallic Brown” unfortunately. But which ever way you look at it, its 100% mesmerising. It’s so good, Koki had to drape his Work Meister S1’s in the same hue. I don’t usually like the matchy matchy look, but Koki’s Evo pulls it off so well.

Some interesting little features here, chrome quick release clamps secure all the aero on the car to the body. When your living the low life I guess its good to have a quick exit strategy for those hairy situations. It’s a nice little detail that has certainly been thought about and wasn’t an after thought like most of those tacky rubber quick release bumper kits.

You might have noticed that ever so popular Turquoise accent behind the wheels. Koki had his Brembo’s custom painted to break up the brown hue. The perfect contrast in colours in my opinion. This is one car that pulls off the Tiffany hue without looking tacky or corny.

hese are definitely some interesting tips! Koki likes to show off his unique flair wherever possible. It’s certainly something we’ve never seen before but I’m not quite sure I’m feeling it.. but I would definitely want to hear what they sound like!

Now let’s get down to that fitment!

Koki has gone for that classic Oni style, lean and tuck fitment on the rears. Abit VIPish but still keeping it fresh. An Evo IX rear bar also replaces the clumsy looking Evo VII version.

The fronts though are as tight as ever. This goes hard. You can just see a few battle scars on the fender which goes to show how proper this fitment is. Did I mention it was static?

rIMG_1304-1600x1066 (1)
A set of GReddy Type S Dampers with custom 326 Power springs do the job of bringing the Evo’s belly to the ground. GReddy tie rod ends, Megan Racing toe control arms and lower control arms do keep the camber in check. All together it makes for an epicly fitted Evo, which stands out from the few other “stanced” examples.

A nice fat polished HPI intercooler grins from behind the front bar. It continues on well with the polished/chrome theme which is seen on the wheels and the quick release clamps.

Another cool little feature is this skateboard wheel. In Japan, a big trend of late is these rear windscreen wiper ornaments which you replace the blade with.

That mean looking mug, it’s nice to see an Evo VII getting worked on. I kind of feel like it’s been the neglected model compared to its younger and older siblings.

Such a nice and tidy silhouette. Stock aero with the addition of a subtle roof wing which is actually a CS2A spoiler from a Lancer Cedia custom fitted to the windscreen. This mans a genius I tell ya. To fit in with the sleek and sophisticated theme, Koki has rightfully deleted the usual rally inspired spoiler.

This paint really is mesmerising, in the shadows it can be a dark purpley hue..

But here you can see the sun bringing out the gold undertones in the paint, just amazing.

You might be able to peer through the untinted windows, but there seems to be abit of interior work done aswell. Stripped out back seats, Sabelt harnesses and one of those USDM Wink mirrors. It’s a shame we didn’t receive any interior shots!

All in all, Koki’s build is one of the coolest and most unique Evo’s I’ve ever seen. I really love it when a chassis is taken out of its usual pigeon hole and the Japanese are awesome at doing just that. Thankyou again to Koki for the opportunity to feature your car and Yosuke for the amazing shots. We love getting coverage from countries all over the world! So for all you international guys, shoot us an email with your build! More sick stuff coming your way I promise!

GH-CT9A Lancer Evolution VII

HKS air intake suction kit
HPI intercooler kit
RALLIART radiator hose
RALLIART intake duct

WINK mirror
60cm stainless steel shift knob
DEFI water temperature meter
BLITZ boost meter
120π tachometer
CS2A interior panel

Brown Metallic paint
CS2A trunk
CS2A side mirror
Lancer Evo 9 rear bumper
CS2A roof spoiler
Lancer Evo 7 GSR tail lamp
VORTEX generator
Lancer Evo 7 GSR headlights

GReddy Performance Damper Type-S (326 power – Front 32k; Rear 28k)
GReddy tie rod end (Front)
Megan Racing Lower arm
Megan Racing toe control arm (Rear)

Work Meister S1 3p; Front 18×9.5j+35 Spacer +50mm / Rear 18x10j+35 Spacer +15mm
Tyres: Pinso 215/35r18(Front); Syron 245/35r18 (Rear)



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