So where do I start.. I had never seen Troy’s car in person before, but I always saw pictures of it on the internet. Through Facebook, forums and build threads.. the list goes on. If you were part of any online community you would already know something about this build. It has definitely been a long and winding road on Troy’s journey, his build has spanned 3 long years from start till finish. So in saying that, I guess when you’re building something for this long there is an overwhelming sense of expectation.

And trust me when I say this, all my expectations were met and exceeded. But let’s get to know the man behind the machine first. You would think the owner of this car would be of the flamboyant type; big purple wheels, obnoxious number plates (so perfect) and loud as hell. But nothing could be farther from the truth, Troy is one of the most humble and unassuming guys you’ll ever meet. A hardworking young lad with a passion like any of us. But it’s his conviction and dedication that separates himself from the rest. With the help of the team at Dahtone Racing & Quantum Auto Body repairs, this was truly a labour of love.

Let’s start with some the hardships Troy has endured. The car has gone through not one, but two engine rebuilds in the past two years.

So you would think that the struggles finish there, but you can never know when life will throw you another curve ball. Troy was using and abusing his baby, soon after the engine had just been rebuilt and managed to shatter 3rd and 4th selector and demolish 4th gear. It was finally time to get serious. Step into the final chapter of the build and Troy was not holding back. A full top to toe rebuild was in store.

Thankfully this has been the last major hiccup in Troy’s journey (fingers crossed).

This build is so extensive that I don’t even know where to start. We’ll start with the footwork since that’s probably what you’re drooling over first. Some much needed stopping power is taken care of via an 8 POT D2 brake upgrade. They compliment Troy’s signature purple Meister’s perfectly.

Troy’s attention to detail is second to none, the hubs, calipers and wheel bolts were all custom painted in a matching gold hue.

Only the best Project Kic’s nuts were used to secure the wheels.

Aggressive doesn’t even begin to explain the fitment on this car. Even with Gazspeed flared arches these rims still sit a good inch outside the guard! If you’re wondering what the specs are they measure in at 18×9+33 & 18×11.5+0.

Not a single stone has been left unturned on this car. It wears the full JDM Kouki body kit; including rear bar, pods, side skirts, front bar and lip. The front arches have been tubbed as well as a fully shaved and painted engine bay. Troy opted to run it without the wing for a sleeker look. We can also speculate something else is being crafted to finish the rear of the car off.. All of the bodywork was taken care of by Quantum Auto Body Repairs.

Since the shoot Troy has also had a custom Nismo carbon fibre front splitter made up for added aggression. Such a shame he didn’t have it for the shoot!

Carbon Fibre side steps and matching Carbon Fibre Ganador mirrors are subtle yet striking. Creating a nice balance between the vivid purple wheels.

A closer look at those sexy and uber rear Carbon Fibre Ganador mirrors..

The roar of a heavily worked SR20 is echoed through a 3″ straight pipe exhaust exiting out of dual blast pipes.

It’s also tucked up nice and neatly against the diff, but the inevitable scrapes can’t be avoided. You can see more attention to detail here with the sub frame and diff treated with a fresh lick of paint.

And now onto what we’ve been waiting for.. The Pièce de résistance.

When we say this thing is built, we actually mean it. Requiring an Excel spreadsheet spanning 8 pages and an engine modification list almost 50 entries deep, we’re sorry but his mod list is just too extensive to provide. But we’ll tell you what you guys want to hear. Starting with the Head, the full Brian Crower catalogue is featured; 264/264 12.5mm Camshafts, Cam gears and Titanium springs & retainers. With 12mm enlarged ARP head studs for added insurance.

The Bottom end features more ARP hardware with Conrod Bolts & Race Main cap. Of course the Pistons and Conrods are taken care of with Nitto’s Forged items.

This amazing engine bay is the result of the hard work put in by Anthony at Dahtone Racing.

Every single hose is now braided. Every single nut and bolt is now an allen key head. Every single polish-able item is polished, and if its not polished its painted.. and if it’s not painted its coated.

For those with a keen eye, you might have recognised the fitment of the coilovers. Troy has had the studs knocked out of the top hats and replaced with allen key bolts. If that’s not attention to detail, I don’t know what is.

These sexy elbow fittings cost a pretty penny. Multiply that by how many are used in total and it will make your head spin!

Every single fitting and clamp is colour coded to suit.

And last but not least that turbo! Its a Precision CEA 5858 dual ball bearing turbocharger coupled with a high mount steam pipe manifold. The rest of the Induction side is provided by the heralded Hypertune name; with a 90mm inlet manifold, throttle body and fuel rail. Certainly worth a pretty penny. As you can see here, the turbo has been grinded down and polished to be then ceramic coated. A functional yet aesthetically pleasing solution.

So with all that gear the question you’re asking yourself is how many ponies does all that equate to? Troy entrusted all the engine management duties to Micks Motorsports in order to squeeze every last killer wasp from that beefed up SR20 engine. The final figure being 407kw @ 28psi. Not too shabby hey Troy?

So this time in order to avoid another blown box, Troy has overhauled the driveline to accommodate all those extra horse powers. One of the strongest boxes in the Nissan family is from the Z32. So in went the full Z32 conversion coupled with an NPC single plate 5 puck clutch and an NPC lightweight flywheel.

Since the shoot Troy has had many successful ventures with his beast. Participating in Powercruise not too long ago, and hopefully a lot more to come.

Its definitely been an interesting journey for Troy, but oh so worth the hard yards and long waits in the end. I think we can all step back and admire what he’s achieved for the hope that one day we can all build something so extensive and beautiful. We congratulate him on his build and love the fact that he’s actually enjoying the fruits of his labour! Unlike the many builds which get sold or parted as soon as they get completed. We’ll leave you with some more amazing shots we captured as the sun set on this pristine beast. FUUARK indeed.

Thanks & Shout outs

“I feel overdue to publicly announce how thankful I am to have such committed and trusted hands help me with the project FUUARK.

Dahtone Racing has continuously displayed great professionalism and ownership with their work, throughout the whole build, in the end I wouldn’t want to have it with anyone else. After sales service is also better than anything. Thank you. For all mechanical, wiring, fabrication please talk to Dahtone Racing.

Quantum Auto Body Repairs has also displayed the best work I’ve seen, after getting many quotes from different panel shops, this shop showed true passion for their work, they explain the whole process, under promise and over deliver and provide amazing quality work. For all paint, panel, custom body work work please go to Quantum Auto Body Repairs.”



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