This ain’t no show pony, as much as we love our spotless show quality builds here at Street-Cover, we’ll always have a soft spot for the one’s who aren’t afraid to bear a few battle scars. With each mark or scrape lies a story to be told, and it’s up to you to write that tale. So let’s embrace our perfect imperfections with Allan’s faithful steed, its rough around the edges but full of character.

Allan is a good friend of ours and on one sunny afternoon we thought it would be a great opportunity to take a few quick snaps of his R33 GTS-T. We never intended to take so many photos but going through this set you’ll quickly see why. My god this thing was low and watching it glide through the streets was pure bliss to witness.

Now lets get started with Allan’s fitment, low and flush has always been his number one objective and having previously owned one of the lowest MR2’s in Sydney he has followed tradition and passed it down to his new R33.

He rocks Gunmetal Work XD9 measuring in at 18×10+18 all round. It’s a wheel that is becoming popular as of late, but has actually been around for a very long time.

A set of BC BR Coilovers provides the hefty drop for this big body coupe.

As you can see in the photos, this R33 is not perfect. The panels aren’t colour matched, there’s gutter marks on the wheels and one of his guards buckled from being too low. But looking past these superficial flaws there is still an amazing car beneath and an owner that just loves it to death. Allan definitely isn’t a stranger when it comes to skid pans and drift days, which is where the R33 really shines.

A Viva Garage front lip brings the R33’s meaty chin down to the ground while smoked Kouki ECR33 sedan fog lights sit just above it. Allan shows his unique flair with yellow tinted Series 2 headlights coupled with a strobe kit for those twilight drift nights. That’s how you pull off face full of character!

The enormous backside of the R33 is accentuated by an even chunkier Explosive rear lip. The aftermarket LED tail lights have also received the tinting treatment; Red with matching red indicators. Love his style.

Unknown branded 2 piece side skirts bring the front and rear lips together. With a mix and match of all different brands of aero, amazingly they all fit together harmoniously.

A few finishing touches does an awesome job of rounding out the R33’s exterior. A carbon fibre boot spoiler and JDL roof wing grace the rear, while genuine Ganador mirrors adorn the sides. Uber rare drool worthy item!

Now to the business side of things. Unfortunately we shot this just before Allen got his new forward facing intake plenum and injector setup. None the less it still featured a HDI Front Mount Intercooler, Alloy radiator, K&N Pod Filter with a custom air box, GFB Gforce 2 EBC, 3″ TBE straight through exhaust (no muffler/resonator) with 3″ blast pipes, A’PEXi SAFC II, BEE*R Rev limiter and a GReddy turbo timer.

Allan also likes to keep his interior tidy, with carbon wrapped dash pieces, Blitz A pillar boost gauge, a Nardi deep corn steering wheel, Tomei Duracon gear knob and a drift button.

So that concludes our small feature of Allan’s R33, stay tuned for updates of his car, we hear that he will also be doing some more engine mods as well as a fresh lick of paint. It won’t be the rough and tumble rascal we learned to love, but there’s no doubt it will still have its special character. We look forward to seeing his next stage in the build.



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