I have always been a fan of the 20th century styled cars. In my opinion, the box like shape which was a trend back then makes the car look that much more VIP and acts as the perfect base to start a build. We searched far and wide for our next car to feature and fortunately for us, our photographer Damian was given the privilege to spend a day with the infamous Steezy ED3 Civic Sedan. Belonging to Mark from Western Australia, this car certainly demands attention and it isn’t very hard to see why.

Civics are without a doubt one of the more common cars you will see on the road and they are also notoriously known as P-Plater cars due to their naturally aspirated engines. With many Civics being featured by sites globally, we knew we had to find a gem which would set the boundaries for other Civic owners alike. Steezy certainly encompasses all these elements. Whoever thought a car from 1991 could still look this good?

Whilst speaking to Mark, he revealed that the reason for his purchase was due to having only 1 demerit point left as a result of his old GC8 WRX. Steezy was initially purchased with the intention to be Mark’s slow daily driver, but as we can all see it didn’t take long before the mod bug hit. Mark’s build commenced on the 27th January last year, the same day as when he purchased the car. In one night, Mark purchased BC BR Coilovers, USDM corner lights, and window rain guards. The following night, Mark ordered Enkei 92’s. The build was off to a flying start!

Mark’s approach to his car is a relatively simple but an exhaustive one. Keeping the body clean and OEM looking as possible whilst adding the subtle mods that make all the difference. Since the commencement of the build, many after market goodies have already been switched out for even greater parts. I am sure we can all relate to the pursuit for perfection!

Some exterior mods that Mark has implemented on his car include retro line vinyl tail lights! These look so good in my opinion and it certainly does liven up the Civic’s rear end! It is also remarkable to note that Steezy’s front lip is actually designed for a Volvo 940.

In order to achieve Steezy’s awesomely low ride height, Mark has poured countless amounts of hours and money into the suspension components of the car. Steezy is now running Koni Yellows with custom spring rates in order to lay frame whilst minimising the scrubbing on the guards. However it just doesn’t end there, in order to fit his amazing wheels, the perfect amount of camber must be dialled in! This has been made possible by Ground Control Extended Top Hats, a Buddyclub rear Camber kit and Blox Lower Control Arms.

Mark has opted for Work Meister S1’s to present an element of new school in such an old car. These wheels are honestly my favourite and with 4.5″ of dish, who can say no to that? Mark has done well to fit the overly aggressive wheels measuring in at 15×8.5 ET+5 up front and 15×9 ET-10 in the rear into the slim guards of a Civic. It’s ridiculous how a nice fitting set of wheels can either make or break a car.

The front end of the car has also gone under the knife in an attempt to freshen it up to today’s modern standards. Clear Stanley corners, clear front bar indicators and clear EK side indicators have been added to Steezy’s shopping list. Mark’s attention to detail is spot on!

In terms of performance modifications, Mark has decided to install a dual tip straight exhaust. This looks amazing on the car, giving it a hint of Japanese “bosozoku” style!

Whilst speaking to Mark about his future plans for the car, he revealed to us that he wants to go even lower at the front, which would entail cutting and extending the strut towers. Never will a car be ‘finished’ or ‘perfect’ in the respective owner’s eyes. Mark also promised us a new wheel setup is on the ‘to do list’ and the specifications will be much more aggressive than his last. We are certainly going to be following Steezy’s build very carefully in the next few months!

Lastly, Mark would like to express his gratitude and thanks, firstly towards his dad Robert, for helping him with the build and installation of pretty much every single modification on the car. He would also further like to thank Jessy Lehmann, Timothy Mu, Wai Heng Tan, and Stefan Heaberlin from the states helping him with Steezy’s suspension setup.

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