I was a bit weary when Subaru introduced the latest Liberty/Legacy incarnation. The last BL/BP generation was a real stunner, aggressive yet refined styling. Perfect for that sporty saloon look without looking to large or cumbersome. Which is exactly what my first impressions of the new BM/BR generation was. It looked a bit too square, a bit to static.. overall the design lacked finesse in my opinion. You could say it looked a lot more “Western” if that makes it easier to grasp what i’m trying to say. The design of the headlights and taillights seemed quite ambiguous and generic.

Criticism’s aside.. this Legacy has really impressed me. Haha! As with all new cars, everyone is reluctant to change. But change is necessary.. change is progression. I myself and you too probably, remember the time when Subaru had first introduced the hatchback WRX. Every man and his dog turned up their nose in disgust, how could they change the iconic WRX sedan into a wussy little hatchback? Well I’m pretty sure most of you love it now or at least don’t mind it.

So here we have a gorgeous 2009 Legacy Wagon brought to you by Mr Ishihara once again. Soccer mum’s please pick your jaw’s up from the ground.

We really envy the kids of owner; Tatsuichi Shionoya, who has built the ultimate get around for him and his family.

When I see car’s like this, it gives me comfort to know that when it comes to that inevitable stage of “growing up” or “maturing” you can always kick around in something sick. Just because you have babies doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style or fun!

Tatsu has adorned his Legacy with a pristine set of White Work Emotion CR Kiwami’s. Measuring in at 19×9.5j Front +38 & Rear +28, the deep concavity of the design almost mimics a blossoming flower which works well against the sharp angular lines of the body.

Like all well rounded Japanese builds, a sexy set of STI Brembo’s in silver accentuate the already beautiful wheels.

Yep, Brembo’s front and rear! No skimping out here.

Here you can see Tatsu’s fitment dialled in nice and tight, it’s not uber crazy with the rim sitting on the guard.. but hey its got to be some what practical! It is close to the perfect balance I think. You might be wondering what suspension setup Tatsu is running, and I’ve been informed that it is a Nisshotire one off coil over. The only set in Japan!

We’ll finish it off with Yosuke’s signature Gas station pictures. Gotta love that lighting.

Thankyou to Tatsuichi for letting us feature his lovely wagon, and shout out to his crew Team Deeptaper!



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