The Skyline is known around the world for its dominance throughout all aspects of automotive engineering…from the Hakosuka Skyline in 1969 to today’s modern R35 GTR V-spec, the Skyline has always set a new level of engineering from the shores of Japan. Kozo Wantanabe, the chief engineer for the Skyline Development Team in the 90’s, developed the R34 as “The Ultimate Skyline”…after 33 years of skylines with the development of technology and rivals of this flagship vehicle, it’s a no-brainer to say that Kozo has hit the nail on the head with the R34.

Our good friend Elias was fortunate to get his hands on an immaculate imported R34. We had a chat with Elias about his journey with the Godzilla, which was complimented by a few snaps of his stunning R34 GTR.

Our first stop was at Warwick farm carpark were we also did a video feature on it.

Clean example of what a R34 GTR should look like.

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Our second location was down south where Elias ripped it through the national park.

The GTR looking amazing in its environment, carving up the bends and giving us a good show.

National Park runs are always good but that wasn’t our final destination. Keep scrolling down and find out more about Elias’s GTR.

Upon purchasing the car, Elias needed to be sure that this imported skyline wasn’t too good to be true. As we all know, buying imported cars aren’t the easiest task due to the cloudiness of their origins and authenticity of the mileage and thus an inspection was organised. Elias’ inspector said that this skyline was hands down the cleanest import he had ever seen. From the paint, to a compression test….This stock standard skyline was perfect.

After a mild tune, exterior mods was next on the shopping list. A perfect choice for TE37’s were made in a 19×10.5J ET +12 size all round, wrapped in some Nitto goodness with the dimensions 275/30/19.

The Volk wheels are complimented by the Z-tune rear pods and side skirts. Elias has Merv Newby in Rydalmere to thank for their faultless work and great service.

One thing about most Godzilla’s is their reputation, giving most super cars a run for their money. This Skyline is no different. Hours of planning and over 6 months of sourcing parts from Nengun, it was time to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

After a month of having it off the road, it was time to maximise the GTR’s potential. The ECU was tuned by Yavuz from Unigroup. The Skyline is tuned for a thick mid range, whilst still recording great peak power figures for midsized turbos.

The boys at Unigroup did an amazing job, running 347 KW at all 4 wheels on 98 octane. It’s safe to say that this Godzilla has come a long way since Elias purchased it stock standard. There are still a few more things that Elias has in mind, including a new ECU tuned to E85 for easier power gains and potentially external oil cooler if he was to track the car.

With all that power coming out of the RB26DETT, it’s important it has the correct aerodynamics and suspension components. Blitz ZZ-R coil overs allow this R34 to sit nice and snug to the ground and ensures that the right setting is applied with ease.

Now don’t let all the performance mods fool you, this GTR is also comfortable to drive on the streets. Elias had an audio system installed to ensure a clear and crisp audio experience which was audible over the hollow like tones emitted from the engine.

When building the skyline, Elias ensured to not track off from the main targets he was aiming for. A clean aggressive look with a unique exhaust note that makes Zeus’ anger sound like a mouse.

In saying that, Elias has done a remarkable job on his pride and joy. Taking what is known as the pinnacle of the skyline range and transforming it into his take of a functional street monster. A beast that has the capabilities of embarrassing super cars, and having enthusiasts worldwide stopping and staring. We wish to see what Elias has up his sleeve for his R34 GTR. We thank Elias for his time and the opportunity to catch up with him and his R34 Skyline.

Check out the video of Elias’ Nissan R34 Skyline GTR for more.

2001 Nissan R34 Skyline GTR

Z-Tune side skirts
Z-Tune rear pods

Tomei type B 260°Poncams with Tomei adjustable cam gears
Genuine HKS GT-SS turbos
Match ported exhaust manifolds
HKS split dumps
Nismo front pipes
Apexi GT Pro Spec 3.5 catback
Apexi Power FC
Z32s afm™s with Apexi Super Suction kit and custom carbon fibre cover
Custom 100mm thick intercooler with stainless hard piping kit
Tomeiintank fuel pump
Injector Dynamics 1000cc injectors
Nismo fuel reg
GreddyProfec B boost controller
Jim Berry Full Monty carbon clutch with custom lightweight flywheel
Koyo Racing radiator with Nismo cap
Carbon fibre radiator cooling panel
Custom catch can

Blitz ZZ-R coilovers
Whiteline rear camber arms
19×10.5 +12 Volk TE37™s with 275/30/19 Nitto NT05™s
Rays Duralumin wheel nuts

Eclipse 7 indash DVD, Bluetooth, Navigator, Ipod, etc
Pioneer and Rockford amps
10 Pioneer subwoofer
Focal splits front and rear
Complete Dynamatting
320Kmh Nismo white dash

347kw at the wheels, tuned by Unigroup
11.6@125mph WSID with a soft launch



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