It all starts with an interest, something that grabs your attention and sparks that curiosity that makes you committed. This S14 was that very spark that launched Harry Buck into the Drift Scene in Western Australia. Harry spends some time with our WA photographer Nathan, who shows us around this deceiving Nissan S14 Silvia.

Ever since High School, Harry always had a keen interest in cars. After completing school, he took this interest to the next level by taking up an automotive apprenticeship instead of going through Uni. “I was always the guy doing hand brakies with maccas trays in my FWD TX3 Laser”. It was inevitable that one day, Harry would give some form of motor sport a shot. A friend from his Tafe class was into drifting and that’s how Harry got introduced into the local WA drift scene. “Being young and a bit of an adrenaline junkie, you can understand how I was immediately attracted to this style of motor sport. About two months later I bought my first S13 Silvia.”

Last year was Harry’s first season competing in the Western Australian state series. Using an S13 throughout the season where he finished 6th overall in the Pro Class. As he was getting bored of the S13, it was time to bite the bullet and build another car. Harry’s always had a love for S14’s, so it was quite the obvious choice.

Nissan Silvia’s have been making competitors jealous since the 1960’s when the Datsun Coupe 1500 was released. Over 50 years later, nothing has changed. With the unique styling of the S14, it offers a lower and wider stance compared to it’s older sibling of the S13. With a wider track and wheel base, the S14 provides better handling and stability. This makes this model a favourite among drifters. Now Harry’s Silvia is not just a normal S14….

Barbagallo Raceway is quite a demanding race track. The hot temperatures and the constant incline of the race track makes it very demanding on engines and tyres. This basically means that to be competitive in the top order of drivers, high horsepower is a must. Most of the cars in Western Australia run either RB25’s or LS1’s, so the standard 2.0L SR20DET didn’t quite cut it.

“My first track only drift car was an R32 4 Door, naturally the RB25 was a logical upgrade for this car, and this is where my love for the RB begun.” With simple mods 400hp is easily achieved, and with the introduction of E85, 450-500hp is now the target for most drifters on stock bottom end RB25’s. Harry has been running the same motor for two and a half years now, which proves that with sustained maintenance the RB25 quite a reliable engine.

As the target was 450-500HP on E85, this Silvia received quite an upgrade with the RB25DET. A Garrett GTX3076R turbo replaces the factory T3 turbo. A 4″ stainless steel intake is in charge of the breathing department. Notice how the pipe is flared out to 6″ at the filter to allow for the Venturi effect to take place. Tomei 256 Poncam’s were installed to increase top end power. With forced induction, comes an increased amount of fuel needed. 1000cc Bosch injectors sort out that need easily.

3″ Custom High Mount Dump/Front Pipe allow the exhaust to have an even flow. A Supermade Catback system keeps the flow travelling to the VIP BOZO Twin 4″ Pipes.

A Haltech PS2000 ecu is used to keep everything operating correctly, with a Haltech Racepack dash showing Harry all the information from revs to oil pressure and temps.

Harry’s S14 has undergone intensive suspension work, all of which parts are listed at the bottom of this feature. All these parts all work together to allow Harry to handle this tyre frying monster around the track with ease.

Safety for Harry is a must. A Cobra racing seat has been fitted with Takata racing harnesses for both seats. The sound deadening has been removed throughout the interior… well lets be honest here does Harry really need it?

The hydraulic handbrake setup supplied from Powered by MAX. The longer handle and positioning make it easier for the driver to “Rip the E-brake”.

I’m sure these rules must have been from a previous experience or two. To be quite honest, if I was riding shotgun with Harry, I’d be too worried about holding on for dear life than trying to touch any buttons or levers.

The exterior also has had a make over, with a D Speed body kit and bolt on flared guards to cover the 10″ wide rear wheels. 18″ Concept CC03 concave wheels are powder coated red to break up the black and white colour scheme.

A 1740cm Origin wing keeps this powerful S14 down to the ground with ease.

One thing Harry hasn’t forgotten is to keep his S14 unique, with modern graffiti styled livery throughout the rear bar.

It’s safe to say that biting the bullet for Harry has been rewarding. Going through several motors in the past and finding the right car to put it in, Harry has done quite an amazing job with this S14.

What started off as an interest back in high school, has now become more than Harry could of imagined. Harry now competes in drifting events throughout Australia, with a car that surely makes a statement. From the team at Street Cover, we thank Harry for his time to show us his astounding S14, we wish him all the best with his upcoming season!

Nissan 200sx S14

Garrett GTX3076R Turbo
Tomei 256 Poncams
ARP Head Studs and Cometic Head Gasket
4″ Stainless Intake Flared Out To 6″ With Titanium Tipped K&N Filter
Ceramic Coated High Mount 6Boost Manifold Tial MVR Water Cooled 44mm Wastegate
Haltech PS2000 With Flying Lead Kit and Custom Engine Harness
Haltech Racepak Dash
HKS Boost Controller
Splitfire Coilpacks
FMIC + Custom Piping 19 Row Oil Cooler Kit + Filter Relocator Moroso Oil Accumulator
3″ Custom High Mount Dump/Front Pipe + Supermade Catback VIP BOZO Twin 4″ Pipes Powerflow
Polished Fuel Rail
1000cc Bosch Injectors
Powder Coated Forward Facing Plenum VH45 Throttle Body
Powerflow Fuel Pressure Reg
Nismo Thermostat Bigger Copper Radiator
United Pump E85
GKTech Clutch Fan
Aeroflow 40l Fuel Cell
Aeroflow 600hp External Fuel Pump

RB25 Gearbox
Tomei Short Shifter
Upgraded Shifter Springs
Xtreme Race Ceramic Drift Clutch
2way Diff
Single Piece Tailshaft

Suspension + Brakes
Powered By MAX Front and Rear Drop Knuckles
Whiteline Adjustable Front and Rear Swaybar
Powered By MAX LCAs + Castor Rods
Rear GKTech Lower Control Arms
Hardrace Forged RCA
Super Tie Rod Ends Ikeya Formula
Tie Rods JJR Rear Camber Arms
JJR Rear Toe Rods
JJR Rear Traction Rods
GKTech Solid Subframe Bushes
HSD HR Coilovers
R33 Brakes Powered My MAX + Wilwood Hydraulic Handbrake Setup
R33 Power Steering Rack

Haltech Racepak Dash Autometer
52mm Fuel Pressure and Fuel Level Gauge
AGI National Race Level CAMS Approved Cage
Powered By MAX Hydraulic Handbrake
Ignition Switch Panel Centrally Mounted
Optima Battery
40l Aeroflow Fuel Cell
Cobra FIA Approved Race Seats
Takata Racing Harnesses
Removed Sound Deadening

BN Style D-Speed Bodykit
D-Speed Carbon Fibre Bonnet
D-Max 30mm Front Fenders
SLR Style Rear Wheel Arch Flares
1740mm Tall, 450mm High Origin Wing
Red Concave Concept CC03 Rims 18×9 and 18×10



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