Hello there again. Today we bring to you that ever so familiar Japanese gas station scene. This place really is the watering hole for some of the sickest builds to come out of Japan lately. Our photog Yosuke is doing a great job keeping his ear to the ground to uncover the many emerging builds & characters Japan has to offer.So what does this gas station of glorious-ness offer us today? One of the best ER34 Sedans we’ve ever seen to date. This sparkling gem belongs to Junya Nakata from Tochigi Japan, and we think he’s done a bang up job.

Its so refreshing to see a quality build that tackles an unfamiliar chassis and pushes it in a different direction. “It’s always good to be different” Right? Wrong. Being different AND pulling it off is what it it all about, creating a style to be imitated is always a sign of success.

This Skyline is treated with a gorgeous set of ADVAN Racing GT wheels, measuring in at 19″ x 10.5J +15. Brakes are always something that the Japanese never over look, so Junya added some extra bling and stopping power with R34 GT-R Brembos. It’s all in the details! Are we giving you ideas about your mundane 4 door family commuter?

The function and form mix is quickly becoming popular all over the world. And it’s no suprise, who doesn’t want to have their cake and eat it? Some TRUST coilover’s with custom 326 Power springs provide slammage to this sedan.

The aggressive new body lines are the result of URAS. With TYPE-R Fenders & Side skirts and TYPE L Rear lip. It’s a winning combo.

Junya also treated his lady to a full GT-R face lift. What an amazing guy right? He then chose to drape her in the finest coat of Millennium Jade. The colour itself is enough to oogle at for hours on end. Nissan seriously has some amazing OEM colours!

A subtle URAS roof wing and also boot wing to accentuate the already aggressive widebody. Junya knows when to be in your face, and when to show restraint.

A pair of red Bride seats can be seen peaking from the dash, showing that this Skyline has some inner beauty to match the exterior. And of course the healthily sized intercooler indicates that this dog definitely has some bite to its bark.

You may remember that awesome blue Subbie we highlighted earlier. If not click the link for a refresher. This is one seriously good looking couple haha!

And for those with a keen eye, congrats on spotting Junya’s mismatched wheels! ADVAN Racing RS-DF grace the LHS of the car, scroll back up if you missed it! Just crazy. No wonder he had a such a hard time choosing which wheel to go for, they both look equally sick.

Junya also had the car converted from Automatic to Manual with the help of the boys from STRANGE Workshop in Kanagawa. He’s informed us his next line of attack is to give the engine a healthy dose of power!

Style, aggression, elegance and presence. This sedan has it all! I’d love to see something similar on our shores one day, if you think you can top this give us hoot! But for now we’ll happily admire Junya’s creation. Thanks again to Yosuke for providing us with these amazing images. More fresh Japanese content coming your way very soon with coverage from the Stance Nation Japan G Edition event. So keep an eye out!



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