Amongst all the s2000’s in Southern California, none can rival the uniqueness of Eric Caraig’s AP1 S2000. With a range of seemingly common parts, when assembled create a package that re-freshens palette and revitalises the mind. So we asked Eric to reveal his concoction of styles in which he drew inspiration from..He wanted his car to reflect the styling of old Porsche 911’s and their strong racing traditions and the eclectic drift scene in Japan. Eric’s vision was to implement both “old school” and “new school” elements to create a track ready street car as homage to his inspirations.

The front end was the first port of call, an Amuse R1 bumper with a custom cut vent that gave the car a more aggressive racing look. The Amuse bumper always reminds me of an angry Viper ready to strike, with the intake cut out this S2K flares its nostrils as a warning to its competition.

Eric then followed by installing a custom center cut dual exhaust. To be able to have the center exhaust exit at an upward angle, the ASM rear bumper had to be cut. Eric has a thing for chopping up expensive parts! Haha. Again the centre exit exhaust reinforces the racing heritage theme that Eric was aiming for.

The next step was to address the sides, RX-7 Feed style side skirts bridge both the aggressive front and rear, adding a nice subtle touch. Being very careful not to tip the scales and ending up in tacky territory. ASM is responsible for the fender work, rounding out the full ASM catalogue. They provide the added girth needed to help squeeze in those beautifully crafted Rotiforms without silly amounts of camber. Remember, this build if somewhat track focused!

The exterior was finished off with a Carbon Fibre S2000 CR wing, just to add another touch of bad ass flair to the whole package.

Now that’s a cockpit to be envious of! From a foreigner’s perspective this image sums up what SoCal seems to be all about. Cruisin’ by the beach in perfect weather with the top down. From track bashing to street stunting.. that’s something we can all enjoy.

Our photographer Louie has really spoiled us, providing a smorgasbord of sceneries from night till day. Under any circumstance this thing shines! Such a classic silhouette that fails with age.

Now onto the foot work, Eric has always had an inkling to differentiate himself from the herd, so he decided to choose something left of field in the world of S2000’s. Rotiform NUE’s are usually reserved for the European scene, however don’t look at all out of place on this menacing little Honda. Measuring in at a healthy 18 x 9.5J +25 all around and wrapped in Federal Tyres.

Its stance is something to be admired, striking the ideal balance between function and form. To help keep the car low and stable are a set of Buddy Club N+ coilovers. The low slung, aggressive look of the car and the big wheels strongly remind me of our childhood toys.. Hot Wheels. Haha.

Okay so let’s take a closer look at the office. To implement the “old school” vibe, Eric selected a Grip Royal Wood Grain Steering wheel with Vertex Horn button and matched it with a drift inspired VIP crystal bubble shift knob.

Eric pays attention to the little things in his cockpit. His interior lights glow red on his dashboard and the bright yellow cluster gives a B-22 bomber feel to the ride, whilst having a Carbon Weave radio cover to keep things interesting. A Junction Produce Fusa is a nod to the VIP scene which we all love (I know I do!)

To keep Eric safe & secure, is a Cusco Roll Cage finished in Raw Steel and a Sparco Sprint racing seat. I absolutely love the raw cage finish which only reinforces the cockpit fighter jet theme so accurately.

To help keep the daily driven car running cool, Eric installed a Mishimoto racing radiator and an AEM cold air intake. The car is lightly tuned and is focused for drifting and racing on the circuit. In order to take the abuse from his drifting shenanigans, Eric installed an Exedy racing clutch.

There are many S2000 builds that are low and stanced and others that are built to be fully functional. But none can compare to Eric’s extraordinary all rounded build. To be able to tick multiple boxes and not just one facet of modifying is something to admire.

Eric is someone who knows how to pay respect where its due. This is a car that pays homage to the traditions of old and the rising future of our scene, no other S2000 is quite like Eric’s AP1. Thank you once again to Louie, for the amazing photos and bringing us Eric’s pride and joy. Stay tuned for more of Louie’s stuff as we’ve got another awesome feature lined up, fresh from the USA! I’ll leave you with a couple of Louie’s amazing rollers.

AEM Cold Air Intake
Mishimoto Radiator
Exedy HD Clutch
Omni Power Quicklutch Master Cylinder
Custom Straight Pipe Center Exit Exhaust
Berk Test Pipe

Sparco Sprint Bucket Seat
Wedge Engineering Low Seat Bracket
Sparco Seat Rail
Grip Royal Steering Wheel
Vertex Horn Button
NRG Short Hub
NRG Quick Release
Carmate Luxis Shift Knob
Carmate Woodgrain Cup Holder
Junction Produce Fusa
Carbon Wrapped Center Console
Cusco Bolt-on Cage
Red Dome LED

Amuse Front Bumper w/ Custom Intake Cutout
Feed RX7 Side Skirts
ASM Overfenders
ASM Rear Bumper Custom Exhuast Cutout
Seibon ASM Carbon Fibre Fenders
VIS CR Carbon Fibre Wing

Buddy Club N+ Coilovers
Exedium Racing Rear Differential Collars

Rotiform NUE Machine Finish/Custom Red Centercap 18 x 9.5J +25
Federal Tyres F:215/35/18 R:215/40/18
Muteki Extended Lugnuts



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