In tangent of recently purchasing my first Euro-box (w124 E280 Mercedes-Benz), as a tribute I decided to write a feature article on Erics beautiful BMW E36. I have a soft spot for BMWs, especially harping back to the earlier 80s and 90s series when form and function were heavily focused on.

The philosophy of near perfect 50/50 weight distribution and less computerised hardware drove the reasoning behind the design of the beautiful machines.

When most BMW owners attempt to add tasteful mods to their cars, usually it does not turn out well in their attempts to make it an own BMW M car. However, in Erics situation he has added M tweaks, which keep it sensible yet elegant in its stance and overall subtle look. (that is a true objective on a real BMW M thoroughbred)

Eric came in possession of the E36 when his sister handed it down after originally receiving it from their grandfather. Since then, it has gone extensive, yet small modifications. As Eric was inspired by Skyline BNR32 gun grey metallic, he decided to go ahead and paint the E36 in the same fashion which has worked out very well.

If you havent noticed, the E36 consists of the M inspired nose front cut it sat with the panel beater for a staggering year before anything was done!

Eric made more subtle changes such as tinted headlights and lowered the car by 3 inches with lowered springs. Eric’s E36 now has BC racing BR coil overs with adjustable camber tops.

More additions were made to the E36. Once again, keeping them subtle yet sensible changes: M3 Rear Bar, M3 Mirrors and M3 side molds

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As Eric was having issues with the stock 1.8L motor that came with the car, one of the major upgrades was a 2.8L Straight Six. He has plans to move onto Forced Induction or stick by tradition and converting her by putting an M3 motor in it (we cant wait for that transformation too!)

One thing that marries well with the classic E36 shape is the CCW Classics. In the fronts, Eric is rocking 17×9.5 +25 (215/45/17) while in the rears they are 17×10 +17 (225/45/17) matched with Pirelli Cinturato P1.

Erics long-term dedication to his BMW E36 has definitely given inspiration to owners of classic euro vehicles around the world and perhaps myself as a newly acquired euro classic vehicle owner. As motoring enthusiasts, we are witnessing the modernisation of new vehicles being governed and designed by strict regulations from safety and emissions concerns. Whilst the same time, we also witness beautiful classic vehicles succumb to ageing, strict-regulations and while weighed up against high costs in maintenance (especially being European) they arent appealing to the market and generally forgotten.

Eric’s comprehensive build on his BMW E36, gives us perhaps a reflection to the motoring world that we should never forget the core values that a classic vehicle like this always conveys.. and that is, style and articulation.

M52B28 (2.8L 6 cylinder) engine conversion from M42B18 (1.8L 4 cylinder)
Stock M42 differential and gearbox

BMW OEM M3 front bumper
BMW OEM luxury grill
Facelift kidney grill
BMW OEM M3 headlights
BMW M3 side moulds
BMW M3 side mirrors
BMW M3 rear bumper
LTW M3 wing
Body Resprayed in KH2 Gungrey metallic by Intense Paint and Panel

Upgraded Front and rear leather seats
Suede door trims
Armrest and cupholder centre console swap


BC racing BR coilovers with adjustable camber tops
D2 rear adjustable camber arms

Wheels and Tyres
CCW Classic with Pirelli Cinturato P1 Tyres
Fronts 17×9.5 +25 (215/45/17)
Rears 17×10 +17¨(225/45/17)

In Car Entertainment
Rockford Fosgate Punch 2×12″ Subwoofer
Rockford Fosgate Punch 1000w amplifier
Rockford Fosgate 120w Tweeters
Sony Xplod 300w 6×9¨- Sony Xplod 300w 6inch



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