Stance is a trend which has been rapidly growing in popularity over recent times, especially within Australia. What originally started off as a way to fit wide wheels on drift cars is now being applied to a vast range of cars, be it front wheel drive, all wheel drive or rear wheel drive. The combination of coil overs, camber and tyre stretch ultimately transforms your daily commuter into a hardcore stance beast which turns the heads of passer bys, for better or for worse.When pictures of Jessy’s EG Civic first emerged over social media, my first thoughts were “oh, its just another slammed civic with aggressive fitment,” however I came to realise there was so much more than to what meets the eye. The ‘Y U MAD’ EG has risen above the norm to place the West side of Australia onto the stance map and to show the Eastern side that they are totally capable of producing quality cars.

This EG is not your average Civic originating from Perth. Jessy has gone about the build with stance being at the top of his list and thus the suspension components consist of Air ride shocks and is controlled via an AccuAir management system. He confesses that his old suspension setup had consisted of BuddyClub N+ coilovers however they proved to be very unfunctional due to the uneven roads and most of all, Jessy was receiving too much unwanted attention from the authorities.

What fitting number plates! I am sure that ‘Y U MAD’ will leave a lasting impression, especially when the car sits just millimetres above the ground. This EG is so low that it is tucking 15’s!

Jessy originally had BBS RS style wheels, however in order to compliment his air setup, genuine Work Equip 01s were ordered measuring 15x8J ET3 up front and 15×8.5J ET4 in the rear.

The wheels really do compliment the Taffeta White on the Civic. Jessy has also colour coded the sills and removed the front and rear badges in order to give the car a ‘cleaner’ appearance.

This Civic is ridiculously low! The rear camber sits perfectly in line with the car’s body with the help of a BuddyClub rear camber kit and Blox lower control arms.

The uplifting BYS roof spoiler certainly adds to the appearance of this hatch’s clean rear end.

Jessy has added his own personal styling to his car with the custom artwork underneath the hood. Furthermore, a closer inspection of the engine bay reveals that there has been some money spent on the motor consisting of some basic bolt ons and a tune. This Civic also demands attention with it’s loudness, with an exhaust system consisting of a 2.5′ to 3′ straight pipe.

Future plans for the EG include a respray, EK side skirts, 30mm spacers and an engine bay clean up, surely we can look forward to seeing this beast in its final form!

The EG looks amazing in this shot! Jessy’s hard work has finally paid off and he would like to extend his appreciation to Wai Heng Tan, Mark Niblock, Az Waheedy, Fareed Ismail and Jad Tiba for their ongoing contributions towards the car’s build.

Jessy has paved the way for many from the West side of Australia, setting an example of how a stanced car should be built. With the emergence of Y U MAD, I am sure others will follow suit and begin their own unique builds and we await the unveiling of other treasures within the State. It was a pleasure working with Jessy and you can expect more coverage on this car in the near future.

Wolf 3D ECU
Lobster weld air intake
B18c type r cams
B18c valves and valve springs
B18c sump and oil pump
B18c type r injectors
Walbro 255
Adjustable fuel pressure regulator
Dc2r radiator
External coil pack
2.5-3 inch stainless straight pipe
Rmf race headers
Exedy HD clutch
Carbing strut brace
A/C deleted

Taffeta White
JDM black eg6 dash
Mugen front lip
BYS rear spoiler

Bride low max driver seat
Dc2r rear seats
Interior fully stripped of carpet and resprayed black
JDM black eg6 dash
Buddy club short shifter

Suspension/ Handling
Work Equip 01
Fronts: 15×8 +3
wrapped in Federal 165/45/15 tyres
Rears: 15×8.5 +4
wrapped in Federal 165/45/15 tyres
Air ride shocks
Accuair vu4 valve block
Viair switchboard
Buddy club rear camber kit
Function7 sub frame brace
Blox lower control arms
Whiteline rear sway bar



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