There is only one act that can surpass that of creation. Building something from nothing is respectable and commonplace among what many would already consider a remarkable achievement. Yet to go further and push beyond what is creation with a passion in reformation, to take something that was already great and to evolve it to an entirely new standard; a whole different world awaits when a new mind and purpose is injected into something already powerful. Take for example the revival of the World War I airplane engine manufacturer Bentley. On the brink of extinction, the Volkswagen Auto Group barged through the hatches in 1998 to redevelop Bentley as remarkably powerful luxury cars. More recently in 2010, the ex Bozz Speed Mitsubishi Evolution 6 was re-birthed as the Chasers Blue Arrow with only one concept in mind – winning. In a short amount of time, they were faced with what commitments Chasers Motorworks had to offer in order to achieve this.

Street Cover was given the opportunity to spend a day with Chasers Motorworks over a Phillip Island Auto Racing Club (PIARC) track weekend. Most people never get to see how fast paced, rewarding and frustrating it can be in the pits. Having said that, it was a privilege to watch Chasers do whats needed to be done for maximum attack in the Blue Arrow.

But with set goals comes responsibility. No improvement could be achieved without effective control, which is where 21-year-old Alif Hamdan steps in. A member of the PIARC and a proud EvoOz member, Alif played a fundamental role in pushing for that finish line and ultimately taking home the gold.

When the car was purchased, Chasers wasted no time taking the Blue Arrow to Winton Motor Raceway and achieved a time of 1:32 with a power figure punching up to 280 kilowatts at all four wheels. They werent there to win on the day, but instead were there to see if they had a solid foundation to begin their pursuit.

During the time we spent with the Blue Arrow, the crew at Chasers Motorworks spent the majority of the day modifying the aero components of the car. Putting major focus on the front aero with precise measurements to ensure that the Blue Arrow will be able to perform at its peak on the big day. The custom aero kit design for the car commenced in 2011 after the Evo Nationals held at Eastern Creek where Alif Hamdan came in 2nd at a whopping time of 1:39 with the car running at 330kw. The custom aero kit was to be completed and installed onto the Blue Arrow for the 2011 World Time Attack Challenge (WTAC). Two years down the road and the team is still working to perfect the aero kit.

The team at Chasers has put a tremendous amount of effort into building the perfect track car in the Blue Arrow. Chasers competed in their first WTAC event in 2011 with the Blue Arrow and now, with an additional 20kw at all four wheels, it was able to achieve 8th place in the open class with a time of 1:38. Placing in the top 10 was a huge achievement but for Chasers, the pursuit for maximum attack doesnt end at 8th place. The team decided it was time to revamp the Blue Arrow and the car underwent a major transformation with the addition of a new engine, hybrid roll cage, weight reduction and most importantly, a completely new aero concept.

The Blue Arrows new custom aero kit was designed & installed by Chasers own Paul Flourentzou with the help of Thomas Yankos from RMIT University and Riccardo Pagliarella, while Greg & Rob from Fabrications worked their magic and fabricated the new aero kit.

Before the new engine and aero kit were installed, Chasers went back to Winton Motor Raceway, decreasing the power output to 310kw but running with a new suspension set up, they were able to achieve an astonishing time of a 1:27, shaving five seconds off their previous time of 1:32.

A few months away from the next WTAC event, the team tested their brand new aero kit for the first time at the Phillip Island Circuit and achieved a respectable time of 1:40. Considering the new aero kit was designed, tested and finalized in under 3 months – in time for 2012²s WTAC “ goes to show the determination and hard-working attitude behind the team of Chasers Motorworks.

hat you are looking at is no ordinary 4G63 Mitsubishi Evolution motor. The motor in this racecar is a Cosworth delivered 2.2L Crate Motor running a Mivec head. If there is anything to say about Cosworth, it is the point of reliability and utmost power. Cosworth is renowned as one of the largest producers of Formula 1 engines and praised for the extensive research and development that goes into each engine application. The 2.2L 4G63 is running Cosworth 272 Intake/Exhaust camshafts, a Hypertune intake manifold and throttle body and Turbosmart goodies to boot.

The installation of an Owens Development Garrett GT3588 in most factory boosted imports these days will generally result in an easy 300kw. With the application of this turbo in the Blue Arrow, they are pushing out an incredible 430kw at all four wheels with a red line peaking at 9000RPM. Somewhat high for a 4G63, yet the origin of the engine is not so cut and dry.

The Blue Arrow has had its weight redistributed to assist in handling and is running custom MCA Suspension refined by Ralph & Zac at Trutrack Suspension. To help transmit all of the Blue Arrows power and torque to the wheels whilst providing full throttle, flat shifts, a new SSS sequential shifter has also been fitted together with the Albins dogbox.

In the pursuit of a lighter car, Chasers relied on Race Fab from New Zealand for a custom rear subframe and to help stop the Blue Arrow in its tracks, Chasers have equipped the car with Brembo Monoblocks.

Every revised or new component on the Blue Arrow play a vital role in ensuring this 430kw weapon has what it takes to be a winning track car. The revamped Blue Arrow returned to Eastern Creek to participate in the 2012 WTAC, driven by its respective owner, Alif. Together, the duo managed an amazing time of 1:33.48 on race day placing them in 2nd place in the open class.

Within a year, Chasers were able to pull together and transform what they once called their Blue Lady into a track car capable of their concept from the start: winning.

It is in the Blue Arrow that Alif Hamdan comes to life, setting times which no other racer, let alone one at 21 years old, could even dream of.

To effectively manage the power output from the Blue Arrow, the most sensible choice for tyres are Advan A050 slicks.

Chasers werent done for the year yet, and entered the Blue Arrow into the Shannons Snowy Mountains 1000m drag in October 2012, pulling through at an outstanding time of 20.173 seconds, ultimately making it the fastest Mitsubishi, fastest 4 cylinder, winner of the 4 door class and 2nd fastest outright with a top speed of 273.1km/hr which was also the 2nd fastest top speed outright.

The Blue Arrow is fueled with E85, (85% Ethanol + 15% gasoline) blended by Martini Race Fuels. The advantages include a highly effective octane rating, reduced engine heat and wear, and increased engine performance, not to mention it is quite environmentally friendly.

Now that were done with the Blue Arrows history lesson, lets bring us up to date to the Sunday on which the car was shot during a PIARC track weekend. The Blue Arrow had gone under the knife again to enhance the already seemingly perfected aero kit that was equipped to the car during the 2012 WTAC.

The Blue Arrow can be seen rolling on a beautiful set of 18x11J TE37 Super Laps. These wheels are a common choice for track cars due to their forged one piece design, allowing it to maintain its durability but at the same time being one of the lightest wheels available to consumers. The Super Lap edition shaves off another 400grams per wheel off the already light TE37²s.

But dont let the registration plates fool you; this car is definitely not driven on the streets – it already struggles getting on and off car trailers given its unbelievably low height and sprawling width.

The Blue Arrow is no show room princess either, and has been wrapped in vinyl to enhance its practicality. Thus, it is never treated with a wash, polish or a wax, but is instead exposed only to Windex, a glass and window cleaner.

Track racing is a very expensive hobby, which can be accounted for due to the petrol used, tyres burnt, and not to mention, the damage that may occur to the car during its time on the track. I was shocked when the Chasers team revealed that the Blue Arrow needed 16 litres of engine oil every two track days.

Its a rarity to have a perfect day at the track. The Blue Arrow managed to get a few laps around the Phillip Island Circuit before its first mishap of the day.

Here we see the culprit; the under carriage kissed the tarmac, pulling away some of the metal sheeting underneath. The team believes this was due to the Blue Arrow reaching speeds quicker than in previous sessions, which caused more down force than they expected. They also believe that the excessive speeds were the result of the enhanced front aero modifications done prior to hitting the track.

The team quickly fixed the minor damages and brought the Blue Arrow out again for its second session of the day.

Unfortunately, the Blue Arrow was only able to manage a few more laps before it encountered heating problems and the team had to cease racing for the day. Building a track car definitely has its ups and downs.

With the delay of the front aero modifications along with the issues during track time, Alif still managed to record a new personal best time of 1:38.5 with some traffic.

As the pursuit for maximum attack continues for Chasers Motorworks, the Blue Arrow would never be where it is now nor would it have achieved what it has if it werent for a few special people who were there right from the beginning. Alif himself would like to thank the following ¦

Paul Flourentzou is known for his God-like tuning skills and has provided quality guidance for Alifs driving skills. Not to mention he also helped with the design of the new aero kit.

The brain behind Blue Arrows new front aero modifications, Riccardo Pagliarella, is Chasers aero man. He has a PHD in aerodynamics and worked with the Renault F1 team in 2009. He has also worked with Tesla and is currently back in the country working for Toyota.

Glenn Trollope from Chasers Motorworks for organizing everything to help get the Blue Arrow to where it is now and also guiding Alif to a focused mind when needed.

Nathan Butler from Chasers Motorworks for his blood, sweat and tears in building the Blue Arrow right from the start.

Greg & Rob from Fabrications for all the long hours and hard work in customizing the car and making the impossible, possible, in getting the new aero kit ready within a small time frame.

Alifs girlfriend Fatin, who always comes to support Alif in Australia and around the world, even though she lives in Malaysia.

And most importantly, Alifs family for supporting him throughout the years and helping Alif with the Blue Arrow build.

Here we conclude our feature on Chasers Motorworks amazing Blue Arrow. A car that has undergone many changes and fine tuning to produce the beast that you see on this page. And like every other top class track car, it will continue to evolve, receiving another exterior makeover and have new components installed which is in the process of it as we type these words. Unfortunately, due to Alifs commitments overseas in Asia as a driver in the Porsche Carrera Cup, the team at Chasers will not be competing in this years World Time Attack Challenge. However, they still plan to take the Blue Arrow to Eastern Creek before the event in October in hopes of recording a new personal best time when the new aero design and components have been installed. Countless hours, blood, sweat and tears have all been contributed in building this unique machine. Built with the sole purpose of winning, this goes to show the determination possessed by the Chasers team and the amount of attention to detail they have provided in the building of the Blue Arrow. We at Street Cover are grateful for the wonderful opportunity given to us, to work with this car and the team behind it and are definitely looking forward to see what they conjure up in the near future.



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