Hondas have always been a popular breed of cars within the car scene. This same philosophy applies to Thailand, where the majority of their cars are Hondas. Whether it’s a taxi or a commuter car, Thailand loves their Hondas. However, when you add the influential style of USDM / Hellaflush into the mix you get something like what you see before you. Furthermore, with the USDM style sweeping the nation like wild fire, Chiang the owner has applied the basic concepts of stance to his very clean EK Sedan. With his love for low cars there was nothing stopping him from achieving his dream.

Chiang had always been drawn to low cars and being influenced by USDM styled cars he wanted to follow suit and create something of his own. But why lower a car on roads that aren’t even that great? Knowing Thailand roads personally, I can easily say that their roads are just horrible. For Chiang, his love of low cars was just too overwhelming and as he says its hard, you know the streets of Thailand and how they are. But I love it, as long as I have my whip and Flush Style around people will start to love it more and will have the courage to follow their own dreams.” You must be wondering what or who Flush Style is. It is another automotive culture blog that celebrates car, art and music culture in Thailand. Go check them out!

Chiang has opted to paint his car an orange pearl and has added a carbon Varis bonnet. For the face, Chiang has selected a Tongue SiR front lip with winglets. Also to keep up with the USDM trend, yellow tinted foggies and a black leather bonnet bra has been added which all seems to just scream Murrrica!

In stark contrast to its humble and aging surroundings, this bright orange beast glistens with new age freshness. A trait mirroring the country of Thailand itself, where you’ll see many traditional aspects mixed with the technological modern age. The fresh paint and show stopping stance truly brings this normally overlooked commuter car into something to be gawked at.

Chiangs interpretation of USDM is achieved by fitting an aggressive set of RF1 wheels, sitting in at ( 15×8 + 20). Pulling the chassis within a bees dick to those treacherous Thailand roads are H DRIVE Model S Spec shocks. In order to squeeze in those low offset wheels Chiam dialed in -5 camber all around.. Definitely not for the faint hearted. When you’re rolling that low in this kind of environment it sure does take some guts and a lot of dedication. They sure do, do it for the love.

An increasing trend is to mix traditional race inspired aero together with a well fitted car. These winglets do the job as well as the carbon hood, black roof and lip.

So picturesque…Chiang’s sedan is almost as well groomed as the scenery!

I’ve always had a soft spot for four doors, they are actually quite popular in Thailand.

Checkered curbs in Thailand makes it look as if a race track was built around a temple, quite stunning to see this juxtaposition of old and new.

One last shot of this fitted civic, it’s American in essence but with that trademark Thai flare. They really know how to do it out here and Chiang’s EK sedan is just one example of this.



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