When I think of Melbourne, images of the casino, fabulous restaurants and beautifully executed cars come to mind. Personally, I have always seen Melbourne as the breeding ground of some of the most fantastic cars in the country, especially in the JDM and stance scene. Their love for the car scene is evident in their high quality feature articles and posts all over social media. Coinciding with that, the Simply Fresh Crew are a group of friends & car addicts that has been around for over a year and has captured our attention and isn’t letting go. Let’s start and find out more about a few of the members and their cars.

David’s electron blue pearl EM1 is one of the cleanest coupes I have seen, an aspect which many car modifiers are ignorant of. The blue pearl works effectively in complimenting the bright white colors of the Sprint Hart CP-Rs and the subtle stance really gives the car a flavor we do not see everyday. Just imagine it rolling down a busy street, I’m sure it will get a few heads turning. The Civic coupe was originally from Sydney but was purchased back in 2008 and brought back to Melbourne. The reason for David’s purchase was due to his undying love for coupes and considering his P plate license restrictions and budget, it was the winning combo.

Davids first modification was a cold air intake and from then on, the mod bug kicked in. David saw himself spending countless amounts of dollars on the car than he would have expected. From coilovers, 5 stud conversion, exhaust, wheels the list goes on! The mod bug is a very common disease in the car scene and I am sure most of our readers can relate.

In David’s eyes his car is complete. The Genuine Sprint Hart CP-R’s really sets the car off nicely and the height is perfect to get around and still look good on the road. David’s future plans would be doing more engine work, which is currently in the build process; a fresh B20 with forged internals. Stay tuned for more updates!

Next up is Phong’s EK1 Civic hatchback. This Civic demands attention with its midori green pearl paint job, and would certainly turn the heads of many motorists on the streets of Melbourne. Phong purchased his car back in 2010 when he was limited to naturally aspirated cars due to his learner license class. He first came into contact with the car back in 2006, which belonged to his tutor at the time. From the moment he laid eyes on it, he knew he had to own the car one day.

Phong has given his fullest attention to detail on his car as shown by the color coded sills and shaved badges, a change that only a select few people will notice. The EK9 body parts consisting of the front and rear lip, wing, side mirrors and many more, gives the civic that final touch. Furthermore, to compliment the EK9 look, in the heart of this civic lies a B18C2 engine, transforming it from a cutesy daily hatchback to a more aggressive machine.

The fitment on this stunning EK1 has been showcased with the coupling of CCW classic wheels and a set of BC BR coilovers to give it that perfect drop. The Neo Chrome lug nuts work well on the faces of the CCW’s highlighting the mirror polished finish. Phong has employed the use of front camber arms to fit those aggressive wheels underneath the guards. Phong plans to keep the car until he is off his probationary license.

Lastly, this brings us to Aarons sleek roadster. Surprisingly, he was not looking to purchase an S2000 when he was car hunting almost two years ago. His perspectives were changed when he went to look at this particular car. He states, I was in love at first sight as everything was so right; the condition, the price, and most importantly the driving experience itself. Aaron has opted for the updated AP2 bumper and front lip, a necessity in my opinion as it changes the overall appearance of the car dramatically, allowing it to be somewhat more modernized but still retaining that element of simplicity.

Aaron had given performance a high priority from the start and his first mod consisted of an Exedy heavy duty clutch kit and an ACT Prolite lightened flywheel. Stemming on from this, a Js Racing 60RS titanium tip exhaust was added to give that F20C engine a menacing tone. The exterior of his S2000 also had a makeover with the inclusion of a set of Ray’s TE37 wheels, carbon fibre side diffusers, side strikes and a rear spoiler.

This S2000 sits just inches above the ground thanks to the BC BR coilovers installed in the car. It is not often do we see an S2000 sitting on low offset wheels due to the nature of its guards. However, Aaron has accommodated for this by custom flaring the fenders. Kudos!

Aaron tells us that his future plans for his car involves it being on the race track, thus he will endeavor to work on its handling and suspension components and also incorporate more bolt on performance mods.

Here we conclude our feature on the Simply Fresh Crew. It is common practice for youths to consider purchasing a Honda as their first car due to the social stigma surrounding it. However, the boys at Simply Fresh who originally jumped onto that bandwagon, have transformed their cars inside and out to excel above that of the average Honda fan boy. Quality parts, tasteful modifications, personality and most importantly, a clear vision have all been incorporated into all elements of their cars. In turn, this allows them to present the society cars that will leave a distinct footprint on Australia’s ever growing car scene.

Specifications (David’s EM1)
1999 Honda Civic VTi-R EM1

1.6L DOHC VTEC B16a2
JDM ITR 4.4 LSD gearbox
Engine bay mildly tucked (fuse boxes and battery re-located)
J’s Racing carbon whale intake
4-1 generic headers
Kakimoto racing axle STI exhaust
Exedy stage 2 heavy duty clutch

Suspension & Wheels
HKS Hypermax Pro coilovers
Buddyclub front camber kit
Hardrace rear camber kit
ITR front upper strut
Whiteline rear strut
Function 7 rear sub brace
Function 7 rear LCA’s
Genuine Sprint Hart CP-R’s
16×7 +35 front
16×8 +25 rears
205/40/16 Federal 595 SuperSteel

ITR 5 stud conversion
ITR brake booster and master cylinder

Resprayed in Electron Blue Pearl
OEM front grille
OEM front lip
OEM rear lip
OEM raybrig fog lights
OEM clear headlights
Spoon style electric mirrors
Front bumper number plate holes shaved and filled

SIR cluster
SIR electronic double din climate conversion
DC5R steering wheel + Nardi 350mm leather deep corn (interchangeable)
SR3 Recaros with EK9 rails/low obx rails
EK9 door trim conversion
EK9 shift boot
EK9 pedals
EK9 shifter and gear knob
EK9 red carpet
DIY 5 piece red floor mats made from red house carpet
DIY leather/red stitching handbrake boot

Sound System

Pioneer double din DVD touch screen
JL Audio 6″ front splits
JL Audio 6×9″ rears
Kicker monoblock amplifier 750rms
Audiobahn subwoofer 750rms
5 Farad capacitor

Specifications (Phong’s EK1)
1996 Honda Civic EK1 GLI

Buddyclub short shifter
Spoon style valve cover
Polished oil cap
Sard Sports high flow cat
Vision R N1 B-pipe
Spoon Sports first gen street type axle-back

Suspension & Wheels
BC BR coilovers
Extended wheel studs all round
Muteki Neo Chrome wheel nuts
Function 7 subframe brace
Buddy Club P1 Racing front camber arms
CCW Classics wheels 16×8 +15 front & rear

Resprayed in Midori Green Pearl
OEM EK9 front lip
OEM EK9 rear lip
OEM EK9 side mirrors
EK9 style carbon Fibre wing
Ek9 taillights lights
Ek9 style grill
EK9 headlights
OEM 99-00 front guards
OEM 99-00 bonnet
OEM 99-00 rear bumper
Clear side indicators
Replica 99-00 front bar
Rear Wiper shaved
Badges shaved
Mr Alex Racing EK9 wing lifters
Philips Diamond Vision 5k

Red SR4 Recaros
Vision super low rails
Ek9 shift boot
EK9 custom red door panels
Ek9 carbon fibre bezel cluster
Skunk2 gear knob

Sound System
Pioneer headunit
Pioneer speakers front & rear
10 inch Kicker subwoofer

Specifications (Aaron’s S2000)
Honda S2000 AP1

J’s Racing 60 RS dual exhaust (titanium tips)
Exedy Heavy Duty sports clutch
ACT Prolite flywheel (8 pounds)

Suspension & Wheels
BC BR coilovers
Megan Driver shaft spacer
Genuine Ray’s TE37 17 x 9, + 22 offset all around
Genuine BBS LM 18×7.5 + 30, 18×8.5 +35 (reversed)
Genuine Rays lug and lock nuts

Genuine AP2 front bar (shaved washers)
Genuine AP2 lip
Genuine side strikes
Genuine rear spoiler
Customer flared fenders
Genuine amber corners and refurbished headlights
Down Force carbon fibre side diffuser

Bride style low max seats with rails

Sound System
Alpine IDA-X305S Media player
Alpine 6” speakers
Kicker 300rms monoblock amplifier
JL Audio 12” subwoofer



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