Following up from my previous post of Cinderella, I managed to take some more photos at the RWB meet in Thailand. My encounter with these obese Porsches was simply just amazing, something that everyone should see and experience. During my time there, there was one Porsche that really caught my eye amongst all the other’s.. And that would have to be the @Speed RWB.

This Porsche 911 belongs to A-Thummonoon, he owns many classic cars which are stored in his personal garage. At first I thought it was his home, boy was I mistaken.

Just looking at the front end, you will immediately notice the beautiful wide face and that magnificent craftsmanship.

But at the back its arse is just blown out of proportion, Something you dont normally see on the streets of Thailand. Some people may think it’s too wide. But to me this is a work of art.

A-Thummonoon opted to get the full RWB body kit, which includes extra winglets that attach ever so seamlessly atop those trademark guards.

The full RWB kit wouldn’t be complete without its massive wing on wing feature. It just sticks out like a sore thumb. I wonder how much down force it creates?

Some prefer not to run the RWB wing’s in order to get a more sleek result. On or off they look amazing nonetheless.

As I walked around the car in amazement, I noticed the detail on the car was just tremendous, nothing but the best from Nakai San. A-Thummonoon opted for more function than form. As you can imagine Thailand roads aren’t really that great.

Nakai San works meticulously to get that fender to tyre gap spot on to the millimetre.

That flush fitment and that dish is just perfect for this car!

Not its original colour, A-Thummonoon opted to get the car painted in Riviara blue.

To complete the overall look of the car, A-Thummonoon opted for rare Work Brombachers which are especially built to cater for Porsche’s 5×130 stud patterns. The barrels were flipped around in order to achieve that never ending dish.

This bright blue beast really stands out among the crowd of custom built machines.

Zero clearance, no wheel gap for this RWB!

Hands down one of my favourite RWB’s in Thailand, It was unfortunate that I was not able to spend more time with this beautiful Porsche. But I promised A-Thummonoon that I would return to Bangkok and shoot more of these awesome cars.



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