With every city comes an icon. New York city is the city that never sleeps, Sydney is known for the amazing scenery of the Harbour Bridge complimented with the Opera House. If we were to take the Nissan S15 Silvia and turn it into a city, UDOORI would be the icon in the eyes of many enthusiasts. Applying the essentials and nothing more to what already is a master piece. Van has created what is now hated by many, wanted by most and respected by all.su4c3816
With the nick name Van Dam, it’s not lying to tell you what he does is an art. Most of what you see here is the result of his own blood, sweat and tears. From the custom made front lip to the decals spread over the car, you can be sure that it’s all the work of Van Dam.

The S15 Silvia comes from a long family of sport bred Nissans. From the 1960’s when the Datsun coupe 1500 was released, Nissan ensured that the S chassis was always used as a sports chassis.

With that in mind, in 2002, Nissan sent off the Silvia with a bang. The final Silvia to this day, 11 years later is still one of the preferred weapons of choice to the drift world and on the street. With aggressive styling inside and out the S15 attracts the “bad boy” look instantaneously. Van took this fact on board and amplified it.

Van took his Autec S15 back to its roots with the intention of applying the fundamentals of a track bred car integrated into a street driven coupe. The aggressive fitment and unique signatures make this iconic Silvia visible from a mile away.

Staying comfortable is Vans number 1 priority, so Recaro’s were the way to go. Breaking up the neutral colours Van opted the red colour to keep things interesting in the cabin.

The lip kit was made as a one off by Van himself, which makes UDOORI 100% certified Van Dam Spec.

A spec blast pipes installed into the exhaust system give off a note given from the car gods, from the rear the tips define the back to basics track look with more function then form.

Fitment being one of UDOORI’s biggest eye catcher, the Volk CE28’s are topped off with a unique trend. It’s not often that you see culture group stickers on the lip of the wheel.

17×9.5 were chosen for the front and 17×10 in the rear with a +15 offset all round.

Van chose the HKS coilovers as they adapted to his style of driving without compromising comfort.

So what is it that makes this Silvia so unique? How has it become the Silvia that makes crowds of people stop and stare?

They say a monster is an extension of its creator…the same can be said about cars. UDOORI isn’t all about the looks, it’s about the attitude. It may not be the lowest Silvia, it may not have the best body kit…

But it rocks what it’s got and rocks it well! Van has fine tuned the necessities of this Silvia and has kept it simple.

The concept of this Silvia has been duplicated many times, but has it been achieved?

To the untrained eye it all looks the same. “This is nothing but a lowered Nissan with gold wheels”. But to an enthusiast…it’s a completely different story.

This is a car that has crowds of people stopping in awe and admiring. This is a car that takes the saying “haters gonna hate” and turned it into its motto.

This is the icon. This is UDOORI.

From the team at Street Cover we would like to wish our good friend Van a very Happy Birthday. We would also like to thank him for taking time to let us shoot his car. We look forward to the next masterpiece!



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