The ultimate pursuit of balance. Having a daily driven track car, many have succeeded in this incredible need; a car that can walk the walk and talk the talk. A car that can take you to the edge of the envelope then straight to the shops for some milk and bread. Our Victorian based photographer, Chris takes us on a journey with Canh and his remarkable Two Faced Evolution 8 MR.

Since day one, Canh was into cars, especially Japanese makes and models, starting off with a ’94 Honda Integra VTi-R. Within a year or so of owning the DC2 he began his journey. His intentions were straight forward; to build a daily driven track car. After ticking all the boxes he had planned with the handling matched with some decent power it wasn’t enough for Canh. He had lost the urge to neither drive it nor put more money into the DC2. After some thinking, he needed to let go of the beloved Integra and move onto something better.

Not too soon after, Canh was hungry for another car with a new challenge. With the intention to build a car that screams “yup that’s Canh’s car”, his two options that would suffice were a Honda S2000 or Evolution 8 MR. However practicality was thrown into the equation and that’s where he headed. After 2 months of looking around, researching and hunting down the right car, the odds seemed like they were working against him. It was at that point where Canh almost threw in the towel, until he noticed he had missed one and within a few days the perfect Evolution was acquired.

Every journey has a turning point, where the journey seems worth while. The turning point in this journey was when Canh was persuaded to participate in a track day at Winton Raceway, taking the Evo on a standard setup. Canh was hooked from the get go and told himself “Oh no, I’ve caught the bug!”. That’s when the research began. What parts to buy? How much money will it cost? Why go through all of this? Simple; to beat a personal best at Winton Raceway. Now the standard Evo 8 MR has an outstanding suspension setup from factory, however Canh was not satisfied with standard. Before the 2nd trip to Winton, Canh decided to equip the car with a set of BC racing coilovers and a set of semi slicks that were past their expiry date. After the 3rd track day Canh was not happy with the performance and decided it was time to do it right; turning this ordinary Lancer into a track monster.

Canh decided the more horse power the merrier, so he started off with power. The 4G63 motor does not need much modification to achieve more power. First Canh upgraded the exhaust, fitting a Tomei dump and front pipe along with a Tomei exhaust topped off with a Full Race manifold. Intake was up next, with a Gruppe M carbon intake. Ignition was also upgraded with a HKS Twin Power ignition system. An ARC intercooler was installed to keep the air nice and cool before entering the engine during the track days. Once all fitted in, the ECU was re flashed and produced 250KW ATW @ 24 psi.

With the power crossed off the list, Canh decided that there was bigger fish to fry. Realizing the sheer body roll, it was time to upgrade the suspension. Canh replaced the BC racing coilovers and replaced them by installing a set of Tein Super Racing Circuit coilovers with custom spring rates. A few more goodies were added such as Carbing aluminum front and rear strut braces, Selby rear sway bar, Cusco front cross member and Agency Power rear adjuster control arms.

It was now that time to put that newly found power to the ground. Nothing screams ‘track car’ more than a magnificent set of 18×9.5 Rays CE28N€™s wrapped in 265/30/18 Advan AD05€™S semi slicks.

By this time Canh was impressed by the progress that was made but it was now pass the point of no return. A CAMS approved AGI half roll cage was installed.

Then it kicked in. This isn’t just a high performance street car, it was now a Time Attack car! However Canh wasn’t going to stop here. He wanted a daily driven track car, which means he was going all the way.

To the blind eye it’s just an ordinary Evolution, right? What makes this two face Evo so aggressive is the aero upgrades put on the car. This was Canh’s icing on the cake; The colossal Voltex GT 1700mm Cyber Evo wing not only works hard to keep the car low to the ground but works with the aero parts spread out all over the car to give this Evo the finishing touch.

There’s nothing like the smile that’s planted on your face when walking up to a car like a two face Evo and seeing ‘BRIDE’ embroidered on the seat. That’s when you know you’re in for a good time!

Every mod on the car has a purpose. It has meaning. However we must not look past this iconic Lancer. Built to race across some of the toughest terrains in motor sport, yet it’s a four door sedan that can take on the everyday use. Whether it’s the casual drive to work, or running errands for the girlfriend to keep her happy. It is the perfect combination of performance to versatility. Canh has evolved what is an ideal performance daily driven car, into a unique icon that represents the mixture of the everyday grind and the adrenaline of pushing your limits to achieve greatness. To think, the Evo is what it is now from a track day Canh was persuaded to participate in. All the time, effort, countless track days, and not to mention funds put into the Evo has paid off. And with high risks comes high rewards. Canh was able to beat his PB at Winton Raceway every time he attended a track day and eventually achieving a current PB of 1:34.9. From the Street Cover team, we thank Canh for his time. We look forward to seeing him with his new project and his goal to reach maximum attack.

2004 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 8MR

Reflashed ECU 250KW ATW @ 24psi
Full Race Manifold
Tomei Extreme dump and front pipe
Tomei Extreme Ti Catback
HKS Twin Power Ignition Kit
Gruppe M Carbon Intake
ARC intercooler
Plazaman intercooler piping

Suspension and handling
Tein Super Racing Circuit Coilovers
Agency Power rear adjuster control arms
Selby rear sway bar
Carbing aluminum front and rear strut braces
Cusco power brace Front Cross member
AGI Cams approved half roll cage

Project Mu SCR PRO front rotors
Project Mu SCR rear rotors
Project Mu HC+ Front Pads
Project Mu HC+ Rear Pads

Bride Gias Low Max 2

Rexpeed Do-luck Front Lip
Carbon Rear Diffuser
Rexpeed side spats
Voltex GT 1700MM Cyber Evo Wing
Evolution 9 OEM Rear Bumper

Rays Engineering CE28N€™S 18X9.5 + 15 Yokohama Advan AD08S (street) Yokohama Advan AD05S (track)



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