Growing up as a kid, I had a lot of interest in cars. One of the main reasons for this stems from collecting and playing with diecast cars such as Matchbox and Hot Wheels. (I always found that Hot Wheels made better cars). As a kid, my parents used to get me toy cars from the shops or local swap meets. I never kept anything in the original packing, I would rip them open, take off the wheels and paint the bodies all different colours.

Things have changed since, I have found more interest in Hot Wheels, which had become a hobby for me again. I usually browse through different shops, collecting mainly JDM cars. I usually keep them in packaging now, unless I have spares of the same car. The hobby is interesting as new cars are constantly being produced and can suit anyone’s budget.

Nowadays kids would rather play with iPhones and ipads, traditional toys are being kept aside, but Hot Wheels still remain a popular toy for all ages.

It is almost impossible to stop collecting Hot Wheels as newer cars, colours, designs and releases are produced every year, with exclusive cars to collect, this had made what Hot Wheels are today. Hot Wheels has produced today’s car enthusiasts and will continue to do so for many generations.

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Howdy guys, your Ed here. I’m currently studying a bachelor of Industrial Design, but have a love for all things design. The automotive industry is my life blood and I’d love for you all to join along for the ride!