When I first laid my eyes on these photos I just knew it, there was something special about this. When the car, the photographer and the location all come together in perfect harmony, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the show. This stunning WRX STI belongs to Kenzi Nakamura, now many cars boast the title of “immaculate” these days but rarely do any live up to the standard. Well Kenzi’s car ticks all those boxes and more.

Now personally, I can admit that I’m no Subie die hard.. although I have the utmost respect to the chassis and its heritage. In my eyes, many you see around the scene today (especially Sydney) fail to produce lasting impressions, bar a few exceptions such as Hendra’s WRX. So it was certainly an eye opener to see this chassis tackled in an unfashionable manner. Now I can hear the 4WD Rally purists screaming Bloody Mary. But what’s life without a little spice, we can’t all look at soiled mudflaps all day..

I love Kenzi’s approach to the vehicle and I hope it can inspire others to adopt the same ideologies.. and its nothing new. The old adage has never been truer. “K.I.S.S” Keep it simple stupid.

The main thing about achieving simplicity is showing restraint. It’s all too easy to fall into the trap of putting those super flashy “candy purple/teal/tiffany.. whatever flavour of the month” wheels to achieve maximum attention. But take a step back, as a whole.. does it really work?

Kenzi has chosen the perfect set of wheels to compliment his already beautiful WRX. A new spin on an old classic, these are the latest iteration of the TE37 family. RAYS TE37RT, RT standing for RIGID TUNED.

Designed to be lighter and stronger than ever before, and available in Burning Red only.. Kenzi had them powder coated in Bright White and finished them off with genuine black stickers. A classic combo that works in any era really.

The next step was to give the car a healthy drop and to dial in those wheels. Cusco Zero 3 coilovers and some custom arms were employed to do the job.

Just look at that.. the fitment is so spot on! So with the wheels and fitment taken care of it was time for the finishing touches. Its all in the details they say.

The headlight housings were given a coat of black for the evil eye look, a big shiny HKS intercooler for the menacing grin and an OEM S204 carbon lip to bring the chin down the floor. The front bar has also been shaved of number plate holes and the grille de-badged, subtle changes that result in maximum impact. To say this front end looks mean is an understatement.

Factory Gold Brembo’s provide the perfect backdrop for those gorgeous TE37RT’s which measure in at 18 x 10J +15 all around. FEDERAL SS595 is the tyre of choice.

This OEM Ducktail is one my favourite features of the car, amazingly subtle yet stylish at the same time. It blends in seamlessly with the lines of the body. The tail lights have also received a subtle upgrade from Applied C-E.

Obligatory 3/4 shots, Yosuke has just done an amazing job on these pictures. He just gets better and better!

What a beautiful backside, glistening in the sun! The boot has been also received the de-badging treatment.

Another element of simplicity which has been lost as of late is the overuse of stickers. “JDM” stickers have hit Sydney shores like the plague. Kenzi rocks one sticker throughout his entire car and its to rep his boys Little Low. Don’t get me wrong I love stickers, but they too require thought and restraint in application.

Look at that almost untouched wet carbon fibre lip, that wouldn’t last a day here in Aus!

So there it is, we’re only 2 months into the new year but I think Kenzi’s car will be one of the standout builds in the months to come. I really hope we see more builds like this in the future that focus on quality and simplicity. A perfect example of a car that has been executed as well as it should always be. Many thankyou’s to Kenzi for letting us feature his car and to Yosuke once again for the hard work and dedication! I leave you with my favourite shot of the set.

Front Bumper: Smoothing
Front Lip: S204 Carbon
Trunk: Original Duck Tail
Headlight: Black Out
Taillight: Applied C-E

RAYS TE37RT (White Powder coat & Original Sticker)

Size: 225/35/R18(Front & Rear)



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