During my trip to Thailand, I met up with my good friend Okumi, who invited me to attend a meet they call the Renndrive. I was truly honored. When I heard RWB cars were attending, I knew my dreams were going to come true with such a rare collection in one place outside of Japan. I would have never thought in my life time that I would see such a rare sight. So, I would like to start my epic coverage by introducing Cinderella.

All appreciation goes to Naki San, and I applaud him for his incredible work. Getting up and going close to Cinderella was just a dream like feeling to me. I was really amazed by the amount of detail that has been put into the car. Each car has been uniquely designed and developed to suit the owners personality, preferences and taste. I was fortunate enough to come across Paul who is the owner of this amazing piece of machinery and was happy to spare a few minutes answering a few questions I had for him.

I first noticed that Cinderella didn’t feature a sunroof. However, Paul has upgraded his suspension to Bilstein PSS10 to improve the handling and feel of the car, adjustable camber arms, Work wheels which the size is unknown at this point and Recaro seats which is quite common within the RWB community.

Among all these, what really caught my attention was the stock turbo wing which was not replaced by the RWB wing. RWB cars are well known to everyone for having massive wings on the rear to compliment their wide-body so I asked him why he didn’t have one on Cinderella. In response to the question about its wing choice, Paul replied, I got the RWB wing but I prefer the turbo wing as it is more easy on the eyes. In my personal opinion, I reckon it looks great without it, the way the body flows it just makes the car look even better.

“Why yellow?” I asked, as I circled around Cinderella. Paul replied, “The car has always been yellow since it rolled out of the factory. So, instead of changing the colour of the car, I decided to stick with the original paint job.

You might be wondering about the name Cinderella. I finally asked Paul how the name was chosen for his RWB car. He replied, “When the RWB parts came back from the paint shop everything was going well, until we turned on the fluorescent lights. We noticed the yellow on the car and the RWB parts did not match in colour. So, during that time the car looked great during the day but at night time, I would hide the car. So, that’s why I named her Cinderella. But since then, we have repainted the RWB parts to be as close to the factory paint as possible and now everything is resolved.

Cinderella received the full RWB make over, turning the Porsche 993 into an obese bee on steroids.

What really amazed me about this particular RWB was the attention to detail within the panel gaps. Although they have been cut and bolted on, if you look carefully Naki San has perfectly applied black silicon between the gaps which allows the car to stand out amongst other RWB cars. Nonetheless, all RWB cars have something special about them that makes them so different. You just have to spend time and take notice of each one and try to spot it.

Well, there you have it guys, my quick one on one with Cinderella. Stay tuned for my coverage of the Renndrive, you guys can expect a heap load of quality RWB rides.



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